Illuminati Celebrities (Men) – Before and After 2016


Illuminati Superstars (Men) – Ahead of and Soon after // Illuminati Stars – Ahead of And Soon after Hd………. Asap Rocky, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Jaden Smith, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap

Homosexual Illuminati Rapper, Young Thug Utilizes Make-Up Influenced Snapchat Filter #HipHopIsDead:
New Boyz and Their Skinny Denims Ruined Hip-Hop Eternally!:
DJ Khaled Took Homosexual Illuminati Baphomet Oath / Homosexual Rappers Uncovered:
Homosexual Illuminati Rappers Uncovered: Jungle Brothers (Afrika Child Bam):
Homosexual Illuminati Rappers Uncovered: Afrika Bambaataa / KRS-1:
Young Thug Took Homosexual Illuminati Baphomet Oath/ Homosexual Rappers Uncovered:
Young Thug Wears Flooring Duration Ruffled Costume on ‘Jeffery’ Mixtape Deal with:
Homosexual Rappers Uncovered: Starship God was F*cked By Birdman for File Offer???:
Hip-Hop + Hollywood’s Homosexual Agenda: Men in Skirts / Attire Uncovered!!:
Homosexual Rappers Uncovered: Trick Daddy – I’ll Stick My Finger In Your A**!:
Lean and Dab is A Homosexual Illuminati / Baphomet Ritual:

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47 Responses

  1. who ever made this i fucking retarted !!!

  2. This video is full of shit. Alternative Facts

  3. shallow ass your research bohemian Grove come on…

  4. As if Patel says:

    you a Top Man .you are 100% right

  5. fetty WAP had glaucoma

  6. this guy sounds pissed because hes trying to open everyones eyes to see that this shit is real and these celebrities are with the anti-christ. idolizing a human being like these people is a sin and it says it in the bible in exodus 20 in the 10 commandments

  7. DURA ANDO says:

    it's because they got older

  8. Vonya Taylor says:

    Bro he is not part of illuminati he doesn't say 666 thats a deep VOICE

  9. Tokyo Hamada says:

    TheBiggestReason you the pussy, imbecile and the biggest hypocrite on YouTube. SHUT YA F**KING MOUTH and GO GET A LIFE… YOU BOREDOM WHITE BOY. You're not God to judge anyone you're a corny hater with no job and purpose in life.

  10. i love the biggest reason


  11. Dude! you are one jealous motherfuccer! And yes you will make a great stand up comedian!

  12. YEE says:

    I must be part of the illuminati too. When I listen to metal I always throw up m/

  13. the hand signs is a not a iluminati it means gang

  14. You sound like a damn fool my dude…

  15. WELCOME to the great brotherhood of illuminati,are you a politician,musical,worker,a business man or woman or ordinary human and you want to be rich,famous and powerful and you want to secure any job you desire, get all the love you need? join the illuminati today and start receiving membership salary(blessings) and  have all your heart desire come to reality,contact ILLUMINATI AGENT on email ‎[email protected] please before you contact Agent make sure you made up ur mind‎

  16. I like the narrator of this he has a lot of Feelin about what he talks about

  17. 7th Child says:

    One would think you worship the Baphomet after listening go your nasty profanity

  18. 7th Child says:

    Clean your language up dude, don't be like those nasty people in your video

  19. jared day says:

    man u curse too dammn much

  20. SHUT UP. Drake isnt the worst rapper of all time. Everyone changes

  21. Bro you are rosting everyone

  22. wtf no nigga jaden smith obviously high of his asssss lol u dumb ass iluminati stay underground stupid wtf do u think the perimids for nigga wake up u mad cause. u broke and they not and michael jackson got skin diesies baracko obama the president he gotta protect the fuckin world offcours he mad and chris nigga chris is not in illuminati. cuz every sunday that nigga at church and when u join luminati u cant step on church grounds and fetty wap lost his eye cuz some shii when he was a kid u just a hater like nigga stfu

  23. hana sibahtu says:

    Drake isn't different at all

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  25. MEGA CLOWN says:


  26. john douo says:

    omg..illuminati ages you and change some of your carecteristics..? wow

  27. Janet martin says:

    smdsmd for sayin Drake's The worst rapper . u outta pocket

  28. ur gay dude ur lame hater u mad cuz they got money and u live in a house that can fit in mines when one of them niggas watch this video and kill u i hope u bleed to death and drake always does that with his hands dummy

  29. Devil tK says:

    obama dint join the illuminati

  30. I hate when people make such a huge accusation about people. This guy just keeps making up shit as he goes. You don't know why things happen to people or why they changed. Worry about your life and leaves others alone.

  31. you just sound stupid ??‍♂️

  32. the real shit is they dont fuck only their lives people actualy listen to their musics and worship too

  33. warning : this vídeo is for awaked ones

  34. Jenny Bieber says:

    is Justin really an Illuminati member or not…pls respond… I'm so confused

  35. Drake ain't a clone brah

  36. Mohamad ASAP says:

    The guy talking is stupid af LAMFO

  37. Sameken Akpa says:

    Also I think being the president of America for 8 years would definitely contribute to your stress levels and and facial changes.. not saying he isn't part of it tho

  38. Sameken Akpa says:

    you may have some truth to your words but you sound like a fucking hater

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  41. Stu Jacob says:

    fucin abnormal bullshit yoooooooo!

  42. Stu Jacob says:

    notice it was his left eye

  43. I believe in the illuminati but this guys sounds like hes just hating he just neeeds to do more research

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