Clone duplicates


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  1. Joe Kangeroo says:

    but it doesn't make sense why them ? i mean they left hollywood along time ago (disney) there wiping out every actor that worked for some reason ?
    but it was predicted tho because there show on disney contained alot of freemason symbolism

  2. Noyselee Yo says:

    Is it possible that these bitches got a tan?

  3. Do one on Mickey Rourke. He mighty have been a clone to begin with. I don´t know. But after his film year of the dragon I think they murdered and replaced him. Imho the real Mickey is NOT in Angel Heart or 9 1/2 weeks. I think the movie Angel Heart may even be about him. This is the work of satan, whose hatred for creation and for human beings in particular knows no bounds. He maims, he murders and then he destroys the memory of beautiful people. Mozart was an example of this treatment.

  4. news flash dumb ass all celebrities wear makeup and most of them get plastic surgery so please stop making these ridiculous videos you just sound straight up stupid lmfao????

  5. Tamera two kids are odd looking too the boy looking like a girl & her big head daughter is boy

  6. no wonder Tamera be looking like she is odd on that boring show the real

  7. dont u have 2 pages? arent u also baruchai?

  8. T Saraceni says:

    do the rest of you ever see anyone in person that you see something different about them and you realized holy crap there clone. does everyone on here belive that easy without questioning any of it. if it's true what are you doing about it. I don't think this guy who puts out thees video clips. I really belive he is a computer talking. and the guy has it programed to give out info. only reason I think that cause he says the same thing over and over and over and over again but only with new people comeing up on the seen. the guys voice which,is a computer don't give any other info or any other facts. he don't even tell us he seen anyone around here who's a clone. that's how I call it out. when these video clips come up it's a computer that gets updated to tell us who got clone today or will be clone Tomorow. it's a computer talking it really does sound like a man talking but it's a computer. look into plannet x. We won't have to look at clones if this plannet causes some bad afects.

  9. T Saraceni says:

    You better wake up about plannet x. We can not do nothing to stop clones. the hell with going on about who's clone and who's not yet clone. we got biger things to worrie about. I was wondering when you get old like real old who will be takeing your place to tell others who is clone. will you be getting clone when you die. all this info what are we to do about it. so thay get re made and there clone ok. so now what. are thay going to come after you or the rest of us and have us clone before or after plannet x.??????????????????

  10. King Licwid says:

    how can i tell if im a clone or not?

  11. WOW…..I actually see the difference in ALL of the photos. People need to be scared. but even beyonce looks evil now and soul less

  12. jerry bowman says:

    Thanks crazy but I believe it cause the devil is the father of all lies

  13. Channie B says:

    am I clone? Im lighter as an adult than when I was younger.

  14. go to bed ain't no damn clones

  15. pearlgenuine says:

    You got too much time on your hands bro! i just do not think this is possible..

  16. Bruh, there's meds and therapy for what mental illness your suffering from.

  17. AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Reallyn now?

  18. kyle ice says:

    I see her do the illumati sign to many times on the real.

  19. sweet pea says:

    i seen one of them a while back i thought they had put the wrong name under the picture they don't even look alike nomore her skin looked grey for some reason damn smh

  20. takenbygod says:

    I know a cpl of females who look like trannys n have kid's n they aren't men

  21. Katja J says:

    not to mention some claw looking hands at 2:34 mark

  22. I wonder why they need to kill and replace them?
    Soul theft?

  23. This cloning stuff is crucial info but you been beating a dead horse for a while now Baruch Shai

  24. I agree plastic surgery can do so much its scary and sad these folks signed their souls away and they go to their labs and create these abominations a great example L.L. Cool J he been gotten smh his masculine features are gone just a droopy face and the dimple in the chin dont look the same can you do one on him thanks: ).

  25. Mike Smith says:

    if you don't stand for something y'all fall for anything

  26. Mike Smith says:

    people get surgery to look different

  27. All we can do is pray for all these entertainers including hollywood. It is even a shame that you have to watch your own family. I am saying those of you who have entertainers in your family watch them and I say that because the devil is allways busy. Its sad because you never know sometimes what someone might do for the right price or how desperate someone might become. You may find yourself someones blood sacrifice.

  28. They was born a man. Yes tranny.

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