illuminati Clones – Was Gwen Stefani Replaced?


HOLLYWOOD CLONING!? Gwen Stefani is subject to the Celebrity Clone Theory: Stars whose appearance has changed so drastically that they are believed to …


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  1. yes. she has looked plastic like and weird beginning from 2012.

  2. Her eyes are too dark almost jet black, they were chocolate brown before.

  3. She looked very Italian in the face before 2012 now she doesn't look half italian, just very plain and like a prototype.

  4. There are also many Beyonce s. I believe she was killed off years ago.

  5. Shana Rae says:

    Watching this in 2016, February. The future is real! ✨✌?️?✨

  6. Yes she been cloned alright.. two different People here

  7. she is definitely Cloned

  8. Cailee A says:

    i miss the real gwen. no doubt was my favorite band growing up. her behavior and mannerisms are so strange now. and she puts on a fake religious act, always wearing a cross and talking about praying/god. typical.

  9. I had noticed Gwen looking awfully different lately. Another very noticeable one is Gillian Anderson and I have found very little about her being replaced but looks quite obvious to me. +Vrillex have you looked into her being a replacement?

  10. Thinking back, hollywood use to promote plastic surgery so much (in the media), perhaps to get used to slightly different appearances.

  11. GhostCat69 says:

    she doesn't smile as innocent as she used to be after her divorce and being cheated on. She lost her innocence. Not a clone.

  12. people typically change over 20 years. lay off the bath salts.

  13. quiero saber que dice en castellano. saben de alguna pagina de youtube en español que hable sobre clones iluminati?

  14. I recently saw a photo of Gwen Stefani and I said firstly, not her, secondly, looks like a man.

  15. Vrillex, I think Pharell has been replaced.

  16. Kaz Poole says:

    No she is probably already a clone who has had lots of plastic surgery..

  17. You guys should see my cousin who is a man but dresses in drag……. After the makeup contouring, fake eyelashes, wigs, etc you can't even tell he is a man. And he looks completely different… Gwen's makeup from the 90s to now just looks different. Along with her fake lashes and contouring

  18. Probably. She is getting old and she "hit the wall."

  19. Roxy Renucci says:

    What happened to Nicolette Sheridan ? She eneded up looking like some tranny .

  20. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. SO completely false/fabricated & stupid. Anyone who believes this trash is sadly misinformed. So, so very sad : (

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