illuminati Clones – Was Kanye West Replaced?


HOLLYWOOD CLONING!? Kanye West is subject to the Celebrity Clone Theory: Stars whose appearance has changed so drastically that they are believed to …


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  1. Illuminati your butt hurts

  2. Michelle M says:

    For one, it is silly to believe Kanye had a choice in all this. In the beginning when it was about the money, it was Yes so he is guilty but they just get played with and used so much. It is quite sad.
    I don't think the can clone bodies/souls of people yet. Just taking DNA and putting it into reproduction. 

  3. Michelle M says:

    And you guys have to understand he has split personalities/alters and the one who wants to talk was "shut up" (well shut down is more like it.) It's a terrible existence. 

  4. GEO LITHIC says:

    wtf… kanye just dyed is haired…

  5. Scary And sadnes a the same time. Obvius he Was torture, this People are ver sick they have too much power. Jesús coming soon.

  6. abc 123 says:


  7. What's going on with his pupils/eyes? Didn't they appear to be not quite 'round"? I don't get his popularity (remarkably untalented) but something is definitely foul. All that trash talking but now… NOT A PEEP! So obvious.

  8. India Smith says:

    Looks like he gotten shorter also.

  9. cloned Kanye face is fat on both sides (real fans or those who pay attention know Kanye's face is fatter on his left side de to having his jaw broke & wired shut years ago) , the clone's features aren't as dark like his eyebrows, his eyes are super white & different sizes, it's so easy to point out the clone's differences it's just a shame the sheep are still blind to cloning

  10. no he wasn't just turn him into a fag

  11. Who makes this dumb shit up?

    NO ONE believes this shit. if you do yo need to go to a psychiatric hospital!!!?

  12. Lul lul says:

    i remember when i first look in that picture when i gets out of the hospital i think cloning are 100%

  13. Do a Skrillex one, since the end of 2k14, his behavior has drastically changed along with his principles, basically became the opposite of what he was. not to mention that his eyes n smile kinda changed too, looks empty now. My friend met him, she said sth about him felt off

  14. As passionate as Kanye is you could ALWAYS see it in his eyes. This isn't him, I see nothing in the eyes. Plus the ears are different….

  15. trake says:

    I don't know about this clone shit but, I do know the real Kanye had a scar on his nose and now it's gone.

  16. Prophet says:

    looks a lot like shellshock or some other kind of extreme trauma


  18. Pumpum says:

    All the cloning resources and you clone Kanye West……………………………….

  19. That is not Kanye west that is another person and he say that he's dead

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