Illuminati compilation clips 100% real




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  1. Blake Axe says:

    It is worth watching the whole thing,

    It really does open your eyes

    Feeds your knoledge little by little

    One thing though, when the creepy man saying that the new world, he literally means a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that is just their goal. Fact.

  2. Spider-Man has his thumb out all the time

  3. meow23 says:

    please add subtitles in Spanish in Latin america usa have do many many things like experiments in humans (Guatemala syphilis experiment) and people need to know about all this Illuminati

  4. the way this world is blinded is what allows me to be proud of men like dave mustaine for constantly attacking this sort of thing

  5. Autumn says:

    If you don't believe this stuff and you are still a Sheeple put in illuminati spelled backwards into Google and see what page comes up. NSA website! They love playing little games like this with us. But the awakened are way smarter than these demonic beings. The greatest trick the devil ever tried to do was fool the world that he doesn't exist.

  6. JoeyN says:

    Mariah Carey is also a big victim of illuminati MK ultra

  7. And all this stuff with immigrants in all around Europe and world, do you think it's a coincidence? It is planned. When we, honest and good people will be tired and scared, great savior will come and say: "I will save you. Let me chip all people. I'll be control you. Honest people have nothing to hide so there is no need to scare. I will be tracked down the bad ones…" It's so simple.

  8. the first one the church of satan? TF? THATS MESSED UP

  9. Sam B. says:

    This is absolutely laughable to anyone who doesn't believe in God or Satan. They're trying so hard to scare us, putting creepy music over clips, claiming you can literally be possessed and that's the only reason people are famous. Hilarious.

  10. Every time I hear a politician say something that insults my intelligence I have to remind myself that there are a lot of suckers and nuts out there. This person who made this video is a prime example that "theres a sucker born every minute".

  11. liberals calling conservatives crazy

  12. Don't let anybody tell you what to do stick by the word of God this it's what the devil wants to give into the music the fame the money but people don't really know that Jesus is real he is real

  13. liz ferrel says:

    I just watched rosemary's baby 2 yesterday (the sequel) and it blew my mind. I kept wondering why suddenly these celebwierdes were point up one finger. Well in the film, it is said the 1 represents year 1. An end to light and the beginning of darkness. Now I understand why so many would start their song with the phrase "turn the lights off" smh.

  14. jp marts says:

    whatever i never liked rap

  15. uzzi zzybyy says:

    satan is a goat!…lol…

  16. This is so stupid, the Illuminati isn't even linked with Satanism. Of course there are bad people out there that will destroy their lives but this is ridiculous. I was doing this to see how much idiocy I could find. This is phenomenally absurd.

  17. This is a hoax black people aren't allowed in the luminatiz.

  18. according to the Jesuit order the illuminati is a broken off branch of the knights Templar. WTF?

  19. Sandra says:

    Omg the pope hahaha!

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