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Duplicate the URL from the look for bar at the top rated of the web site.
Head around to and paste in the URL. Simply click convert movie and then down load. Enjoy!

► Can I use these audio outcomes in my films?
Sure. You can use these audio outcomes in your films with no infringing copyright.

► Do you individual these appears?
No. I you should not individual these appears, I have merely sourced them from the world-wide-web and edited them and uploaded them for simplicity of use to the Youtube neighborhood.

► Do you make funds from these audio outcomes?
No. I have by no means produced funds selling or distributing these audio outcomes. As a means of stating thank you, I would tremendously enjoy it if you downloaded the Free of charge audio influence pack that I have produced by clicking the hyperlink higher than.


44 Responses

  1. When you realize there's a murder on the loose and they were in your passengers seat

  2. 함현식 says:


    자세히 보기

  3. Every 3 objects you have is going to form a triangle if you put 3 helium atom perfectly together it's not but if it's 1 atom of it a triangle weird right ?

  4. Mia Musraca says:

    This is actually the theme song of the X-files.

  5. Alex Gaming says:

    While my brother entered the bathroom

  6. EklandaPro says:

    555 comments ILLUMINATI?

  7. FusedZSaiyan says:

    I feel like your effects are sped up.

  8. that moment when you slept in the couch last night…..and you wake up on your bed next morning….then you realize….you live alone in your apartment.

  9. Trep HD says:

    Can I use this in my videos for commercial use without credits or do I need credits please respond ASAP

  10. Illumanati Confirmed

  11. Paul Byrd says:

    i play this when i eat Doritos.

  12. The Clorax says:

    When your pizza slice is a perfect triangle

  13. CarloZuma says:

    can I download this pls?

  14. 坑茅 says:


  15. блин я одна русская

  16. Eren Erdem says:

    When ur home alone and u see a faint image of a person in the reflection of ur device…

  17. 0:00 [email protected]#k i had my volume at 100% with headphones shit my ears 😐

  18. Ruqqles :D says:

    cool video like # 7444, Just subbed to you, please subscribe to my channel 🙂

  19. CreeperMG says:

    hey if ur on meme hell this is the first checkpoint have a great day! we'll meet at the next checkpoint

  20. Stick Mator says:

    this sound is creepy

  21. when ur home alone and something crashes

  22. when someone just dissapears right in font of u

  23. Liberium says:

    thanks for all the sfx.


  25. Peter Downey says:

    Debbie Reynolds died just ONE DAY after Carrie Fisher (her daughter) died.


  26. oooh man for reals?! is this whats these kids are calling it now days? Illuminati fx? hahah

  27. boo28 Holly says:


  28. Winner FTW says:

    When somebody near you just disapears and a triangle appears


  30. when you're playing shadows of evil and you just placed all the gateworms down and you realize it makes McDonald's sign

  31. Nexus Plays says:

    When you hold a last piece of pizza and realised it has 3 sides

  32. Rook'sWorld says:

    how to download this?

  33. My English classroom number is 666……

  34. Lâm Gaming says:

    where is the download link ???

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