Illuminati Conspiracy – Is The US Government Illuminati? Proof, Plans & Evidence 2015


In this end of the world video, you are going to witness Illuminati conspiracy and the answer for the most important conspiracy question “Is the US Government …


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  1. Bogdan Coxxx says:

    some users here think they are not slaves
    if you feel free, move tomorrow change town change job… don't worry if you cannot do that, you are a slave
    is not mind blowing if a secret group writing the music and We the people just dance.
    maybe next generation is gonna wake up

  2. Nancy N says:

    I am not a conspiracy theorist, however, I'm 69 years old and wonder if there is a grain of truth in some of this. My Uncle with a 190 IQ was an engineer and was constantly ranting about the Bilderberg group and the Rothschild. I remember many boring discussions he had with my parents. I was 12. My mother and father discussed him being over the top. That was 57 years ago. He had many books on the NWO and the Bilderberg group. He ranted about the banks. Everything he said I've seen happening with our debt and our country. I wish I had those books now. I couldn't understand them at 12, but remember thinking this couldn't be true. Now I know it is true. We are being controlled by the banks. We did go off gold. Our debt can not be paid. Oh Well.

  3. ites 666 says:

    u all nonsane worst rabish human u all wanna know why ??????? because u people only know how to blame other but i blame your all fucking god ……………….u all destroyed soon that if from USA UK R FROM SKY u all destroyed coz u all so worst ………….only know to blame other i ask u all answear me ……………………………………………IF PLACE ON OBAMA U ONE ALSO ON HES PLACE U ALSO DOING SAME SO PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS dont simply blame illuminati r obama ok thnkssssssss

  4. Ramon Harris says:

    to me its basically a bunch of people who need a scapegoat for their denial when something happens in the world that just reminds you of mortality. I.e. 9/11, other terrorist attacks, famous deaths, new diseases, fear of mass genocide, etc. its all just people looking for a way to not accept the fact that the world is truly just a naturally fucked up place.

  5. Hmmmm I've noticed a lot negative feedback on video's like this one. That right there is a CONSPIRACY. lol. I believe there's something going on. A lot of so called "conspiracy theories" I think r true. like 9/11 etc, but some r absurd like the reptilian shape shifting B.S.,but I respect ppl's opinions.

  6. Why don't you Nazis shut down the internet while you are about it, else the hackers of the world will shut you Nazis down..

  7. These money worshipping Devils, lied , conned, derauded, stole and murdered to get so wealthy. Heartless scumbags who stole a million houses from the poor in 2008.

  8. Yung Astro says:

    illuminati about money and getting more money which is why the young ones mind is mesed up into rap music what they see they want remember when I was young and im 17 now see the world sooo different dont know what to think its all brainwash I say I just wish people would help each other especially black people we are downing each other blacks are suppose to have things y u think we want we came from africa jewls and gold blacks are rich so we should help each other

  9. Yung Astro says:

    Sammy Martin
    u are a grown man and dont see this is fucked up

  10. Yung Astro says:

    Brainwash from the truth

  11. Yung Astro says:

    do you pay attention on news station how the blacks agree with the whites and etc

  12. Yung Astro says:

    keep ya dollars

  13. Remember, we are overloaded with gov trolls. Don't get upset, ignore and thumbs down.

  14. it's illegal to use a legal name, google legal name fraud

  15. karekas! says:

    you fucking reptilian!

  16. 911 ? masonic check ? 666

  17. TargetFound says:

    as I see it, as long as I live my full life before anarchy, I could care less

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