Illuminati Deception: Buzzfeed’s RFID CHIP MARK OF THE BEAST Campaign (Redsilverj)


Illuminati Deception: Buzzfeed’s RFID CHIP MARK OF THE BEAST Campaign (Redsilverj) …


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  1. I tried to "thumbs up" this video 3 TIMES, and each time, it disappeared. This happened on another video talking about God. No other videos. You're doing something right. God bless you.

  2. Good video needs more views

  3. Buzzfeed is the worst

  4. Thanks Red…see ya up there. Be blessed brother. Keep watching, He's preparing his troops. Maranatha!!!

  5. Right on my brother ^^

  6. nycbuzz22 says:

    People will choose to not look into what is going on for the simple fact that if they do, their whole perception of reality won't be with their way of life. They feel as if "hey, if it's not affecting my life I don't care". Little do they know that we are all in the same boat.
    Wether we choose to continue to believe the lies or seek truth which is only in the Bible is all on us, it's called free will. However there are but 2 roads, one leads to life and the other destruction. This nwo or elite is awaiting destruction however that doesn't mean we have to. The Bible gives counseling and hope for the human race for the future. For those who are awake to this corruption that's commendable, the next step is to find answers because the nwo along with their puppets and sellouts are doomed. Darkness never prevails, what they are doing is going to be all for nothing because Jesus is close to returning to judge this sick world. Peace to you all.
    Revelation 21:3,4
    Psalms 37:29
    John 17:3
    Matthew 24:14
    John 3:16
    2 Timothy 3:1-5

  7. meany boy says:

    Maybe your best video yet J strong work

  8. Juan Garcia says:


  9. So once you get the chip there is no turning back? Well then I'm starving to death then, I hear if you get it put in you you are going straight to hell and won't be forgiven, this is an unforgivable act as I heard..

  10. Sole Uce says:

    people who don't believe in god are just very stiff necked people, they are just like the people moses led out of Egypt. the story was about how they were so quick to turn so quickly because they haven't heard from moses in 40 nights. so they did there own thing. then they were punished they walked until the next generation was born. Are we going back to our old ways come on people he's giving us so many blessings you cant see it but its their. Go to church and read your bible listen to what the lord has to say. God bless you all our savior is coming do not be scared✊?

  11. 3:55 Captions: He's gay now is to mislead

  12. Thank you so much for sharing what you believe in because we are telling the truth the Christians and Catholics

  13. MexhomieXlll says:

    Conejo always talks about this in his songs…he is on the run..he still drops albums atleast once a once. he is the greatest lyrical mastermind rapper alive..he still puzzles he part of the illuminati??? idk…listen to his songs.."my mythic status is a piece of puzzle..its a perilous time and i dont dread the hustle…" listen to conejo-im the wrong individual.

  14. Arthur Watt says:

    Everyone must be vigilant.

  15. JC is coming SOON!!!!

  16. Leon says:

    goddamn you people are crazy

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