Illuminati Dinner



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  1. First…… Always wanted to say that. ???

  2. Evan Kidd says:

    Fresh remote! Haha. That is great. Good stuff dude! I'll be out in LA next week!

  3. Maik de Vee says:

    Some day i'll be there!

  4. MPT says:

    Awesome video! My new video is up too :)

  5. awww it's me lol. Was nervous on camera haha

  6. GoProBro UK says:

    Jezza , awesome Vlog bro ! You guys always eat at such amazing places ! More food Vlogs with your dad ! Much love to you both as always man , keep up the good work ??

  7. Andrew Mucci says:

    That swing was intense. Awesome seeing a fan in the wild!

  8. Izaz Nafi says:


  9. Jay Z says:

    What is YouTube camara called

  10. HatOnBkwd says:

    Nice vid. Looks like fun!

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