Illuminati Disney Exposed and 9 11 Truth Documentary 360p


How the world of supposedly children shows that sow sinister destruction and corrupt the minds of everybody…vulnerable children who become encapsulated …


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  1. xgetxsickx says:

    I dont think the other religions were introduced by satan. I believe God introduced himself to all corners of the world but of course it would be in different languages. We today focus on the differences of each religion and ignore the underlining similarities. The bottom line is don't lie cheat or steal for all religions. It's the infiltrators of our religion, putting on a mask and defaming each religion for what it is and sadly but rarely these masqueraders are able to climb to the top.

  2. Abdul Zaid says:

    When Jesus peace be upon him (the Messiah) come back to earth and save all humanity from these people (Lucifer worshipers), in that day Muslims and Christians will unit and fight God's enemies. May God save us all and lead us the to right path.

  3. DARK HABIT says:

    oh…so minions are demons…there are minions in a game called ''Overlord'' oh well actually in that game you are a what could you except?

  4. DARK HABIT says:


  5. and also it's called an agenda. don't know if you've heard of the term. agendas get carried out no matter what, especially when it comes to occultists. A lot of people ask "Why would they do that? They'd be dead by the time it even affected them etc." because occultists believe that whether it take 1, whether it take 1000 years, you stick to the agenda to be carried out. That IS assuming Disney was a Satanist as people believed him to be.

  6. EasyEnglish says:

    Jesus him self is a construct of the conspiracy

  7. Astral 7ight says:

    check out Illuminati insider Donald Marshall if you want to know the biggest Illuminati secrets and if you want to help destroy the NWO. he's an Illuminati prisoner taken to the cloning centers against his will. people (including innocent children) are being used as sex slaves and are being tortured there. Don needs as many people as possible to help him inform the world about the Illuminati's secrets: human cloning, cloning centers, Vril, parasited human hosts and dead chipheads. please help rescue those that are trapped and silenced with the threat of endless torture and death by sharing Donald Marshall's info/vids. the sooner this all becomes global, the sooner everyone will know the truth and those that are trapped will be freed.

    Shocking Letter From An Illuminati Prisoner (Donald Marshall): The Most Important Document That Has Ever Been Put On The Internet

    here's an interview with Donald Marshall: Illuminati Cloning Programs, Sex and Murder Cults and Reptilians! Donald Marshall 26feb2013

  8. Lion CodeT4 says:

    Can we please stop watching this and do somting about this !

  9. i was convinced until it had to do with "god"
    Like god, the illuminati probably doesnt exist

  10. Derpardio says:

    This is fucking fucking hilarious and stupid at the same time
    Conspiricy Theorists crack me up

  11. EmilyModding says:

    And in the show Gravity Falls Stan's name is one letter off of satan. Just put the a in and it says Satan:Stan

  12. Sal Alvarez says:

    So God warns us thru Mickey Mouse cartoons?!? Why not just tell us. This is so stupid. 

  13. I believe that Disney is defiantly a part of the illuminati, but not in a Christian way. As you see, they used a gay couple in Good Luck Charlie, which caused quite an uproar. I don't know if they is this for bad, to upset the Christians as well as others, or for good. I don't believe God is real nor involved with the illuminati stuff. I might not believe in Satan either but I do believe in the anti-Christ. Disney is not so much a part of the anti-Christ as it is brain washing children and becoming a part of the NWO

  14. I also believe that too many people emphasise disney' part in the illuminati. Yes, they do obviously tKe part, but the Minny's arm photo means nothing, it's a coinxedice just like that bs in toy story

  15. Mehmet t says:

    So these eyes mean 'We watching u' right? Cant that mean the Cia / Fbi is watching us 24/7? Bcs they listen our phonecalls and stuff. Maybe disney is trying to tell us that.

  16. My brother watched the episode with goofys skateboard today he is 3

  17. this is horible for kids to watch and it warns you what is out there

  18. Do you know some people from the illuminati are christians. 

  19. And the sketch thing that even the bible predicted 9/11

  20. asif hussain says:

    God has sent prophets to all nations but the last prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is the seal of the prophets even prophet Jesus peace be upon him prophesied about him,these illuminati are the same circle as the pharaohs advisors.

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