Illuminati End Times Part 2



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  1. mrsmav74 says:

    Good topics, good luck

  2. TheDalien says:

    Thanks for 1080p, pal!

    Believe it or not, this is the actual dawning of aquarius
    You may have a look into my latest 3 videos, then you`ll understand the global weather phenomena…

    The GREAT pyramidical mathomagic CLOCK of GIZA

    in transit – aquarius

    Dawning of aquarius

  3. GAGLIvision says:

    In the vid it says u heard of blackouts in recent hours? What u talking about?

  4. TheWeeMason says:

    the blackouts happening in america…

  5. GAGLIvision says:

    The blackouts caused by the storm?

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