Illuminati Esotera 3/3 ( documentary conspiracy freemasonry )


http : // Hollywood Insiders : Illuminati Esotera exposes one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Illuminati , body transformation .


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  1. @MonumentalKB I agree. That's why fear opens up people to demons. In order to not fear, you have to place your trust in the Lord and that's there is power in this.

  2. @MonumentalKB If I understand correctly, summoning should be more complex than showing a symbol, so don't be too worried about it.

  3. Udinbak says:

    "DO WHAT THOU WILT" is NOT what it's believed to be.
    It has been disunderstood by the ignorant and the self inclined.
    It's true meaning canonlybe ndertood in it's entirely.
    "Do what thou wilt shall be the WHOLE of the law. LOVE IS THE LAW. LOVE under WILL"
    Meaning Love tempered by Will. IS the whole of the law. Your Will Must be directed by love, yet not slave to it.
    That Is All

  4. iim just
    goiing 2

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  6. Zakah1 says:

    good video, but we Muslims DONT believe the Prophet Solomon was a "magician", as magic/sorcery is disbelief/Kufr and the Quran says he was Not a disbeliever/kafir.

    we believe he had been given power by God over the devils and jinn, but not through magic and that he was the only man who had been given this and this was his miracle.

  7. moody516 says:


  8. @polyhydrant ; He said that he isn't religious at all in one of his videos. You Masons just assume to know the ancient mysteries of the desert; but, lad, much of it is in pieces, not even completed, just tattered enough to see the expiration date. You assume to know Egypt because you use its symbols, rituals and ceremonies in your unquestionable practices. God is just a name humans came up with to explained the mystique of the divine and Masonry, for its arrogance and ego, will never see light.

  9. For me as a Pagan, self-godhood is absured; the Left Handed people are brainwashed to think that self-godhood is the only way to cheat death, the reality humans block out. People like Bilderberger are following that eugenics/transhumanist mentality, which is Left Hand in plain sight. People never noticed it because like controlled experiments are overwhelmed by the media magic trick, like celebrities and sports. Liek who fucking cares about Gaga and Beyonce? Or the Super Bowl? Waste of time.

  10. Not much to do wth modern freemasonry but more to do with Solomon and his 72 spirits but all these ancient arts were connected to people who were masons from the ancient past that explore this infomation.

  11. those are some of the things that I see in the show supernatural.

  12. and what about a wiggi board

  13. OneMove33 says:

    Where can you find these spells? I want to be able to use invisibility, i actually get my third eye buzzing everyday and other weird kundalini like sensations and i have wanted an outlet for these energies.

  14. iisadoraf says:

    sometimes im invisible to humans but its strange because cats always see me ahahah

  15. @TheIronSightsyou mean a ouija board?

  16. @Meltznyomouf wow this was awhile ago and yes the ouija board.

  17. 101101101777 says:

    isn't many of the female/reptile aspects of modern occult merly stolen and re vamped and twisted from old mother goddess religion/paganism? even astaroth is merely the redone male version of the goddes astarte

  18. he is realy teaching you.. May JESUS COVER THE MIND OF THOSE WHO SEE THIS.. Christ Lives.. This is a Way Of Teaching You How To Be Them..Rebuke It In The Name Of CHRIST……

  19. hellogary11 says:

    This guys vids are good, but he is ALWAYS wishy washy and vague on his own stance on magick. Sometimes he makes it seem amoral and wrong, other times he vaguely implies that he does it. So which is it?

  20. koolkol009 says:

    it seems he knows a lot about islam!

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