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  1. Abdul Osman says:

    Niggaz is walking like zombies nowadays. K -2 lame smoking ass niggaz

  2. Abdul Osman says:

    That nigga tu.God rest his soul that was the son.

  3. Abdul Osman says:

    There is a God. But it damn sure ain't no white Caucasian man by the name of jesus. Who they proclaimed walked on water man. Na-meen real talk.

  4. There's an underground book out called ESCAPE FROM MARCY, that may shed some light on who killed 2pac.  Amazon was trying to remove the book by request from some people in the hip hop industry, but was unsuccessful since the book is classified as a fiction.  As a result of 2pacs death, someone else became a multi-million dollar rapper from Marcy Brooklyn.

  5. 19may0001 says:

    he ain't in heaven, I know for a fact he couldn't answer 3 questions 6 feet deep

  6. Sadim Oulad says:

    pac a true soldier !!!

  7. If the goverment and illuminati are one l think we got our killer ….though am dead sure government is involved in the death of pac….if you watch crime chanels such as idx and crime you will see that if the fbi is not really involved in a murder case they will find the killa

  8. I think pac is in heaven y? He had an inherent revolutionery spirit , where does revolutionery spirit come from? God y do l sae so ? Moses was a killa and a sinner bt revotionery spirit paid tha sins hence he went tu heaven pac is in heaven y? He was send by God l think so that he could free man from the ways of the man so run quik see

  9. its jast insaid ov black peupel blud …
    how avar we gonna coll it …
    ….. its hard hard world wet too many sakrofacetet …
    thats it … u lous u find …
    nobodey wont heart nobodey its jast the bent too handler … or othet thinks ….
    and u poot the dore hoo u trasted … but woss too wrong …
    but wothever it is …
    andev the day avry bodey wont too live …. or wothevar ..
    but dooing rith u got rith …. bla bla

  10. Bizzlamic says:

    Tupac did not believe in the Illuminati or that such a thing existed. You can google 2pac interview about the illuminati if you don't believe me.. You don't need to look for secret societies doing scandalous shit when known names and corporations are doing bad shit out in the open for all of us to see. Open your eyes to what's going on in REALITY, infront of you, instead of trying to make the bad people into some super villains that can't be defeated.

  11. demarques t says:

    i love he speaks his mind. alot of people are blind to the truth or in denial… open your eyes people…

  12. Semaj James says:

    It's all belief and perception, if you don't believe you can't burn in hell just cause a Christian say so, it's all brainwash and forcing religion on ppl

  13. Deena Brown says:

    In hell you'll burn for eternity….

  14. Tom Knapen says:

    what's the name of the track at the and of this clip

  15. Ponce Leon says:

    Nothing was being said about the Illuminati yah need to stop that Illuminati bullshit shit ain't real get a life. Go read a book or something.

  16. Damien R. says:

    That girl was loving Tupac.. I bet she wasn't even paying attention at one point, just giggling and agreeing on everything he said. RIP THE GOAT ?

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