Illuminati F.B.I. Targeting FisherOfMen!! [My Full Story] 2016 (Modern Militia Movement Exposed!!)


The racist youtube channels who bashed me, and my channel for what has happened to me are nothing more than racist egomaniacs who are jelly because …


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  1. Hey So glad you're out and able to tell you're story and I don't watch the news so all that nonsense news clips ppl posted I knew was ridiculous.

  2. you and your wife are in my prayers the enimy will always use people as tools to attack you…..

  3. A real group or Militia would be so leary and standoffish of new ppl. Don't trust any groups eager for you to come join. Especially some online stuff where people are nameless or aka undercover. Everyone stay safe!✌

  4. FisherOfMen says:

    Add me on skype if you want. It's ProConstitutioner.

  5. Thanks for your testimony Brother & keep doing your thing!

  6. God BLESS YOU!!!!!!

  7. Lori Rogers says:

    I'm sure these undercover cops/FBI agents have "fake IDs " !!!

  8. jshel37 says:

    We must all stay repented and pray for one another. Bryce, I never have reached out to any groups for this reason. You can only trust very few people these days… very sad.

  9. Susan Grant says:

    I think you are being targeted by the government because you are shedding light on what they want to be kept in the dark. Keep up the good work and be blessed.

  10. wow a bunch of criminals in our government. praying for the arrest of all the lawlessness and abusers of power and corruption and murderers in the name of Jesus. glad you are back.

  11. God the Father in Heaven is bigger than all of this corruption on Earth.

  12. Muddy Waters says:

    I'm glad your Home.
    Back to speaking and showing the truth in Government.
    The FBI is no longer an Establishment for Rights .
    They Entrap and support those things, they work and fight against those who pay their salaries. The FBI….IS CORRUPT!…HERE TO maintain fear.
    (pull over people riding bike on sidewalk)
    what a joke!
    Comey is a Prime example of the Crooks and criminals in the FBI

  13. Alvinladen says:

    Keep fighting for the truth

  14. Laken Conner says:

    Glad to see you're home! Thank you for writing me back and praying for my son while you were away. Jesus is on His way! God bless you!

  15. wow how much would military grade night vision cost? a friend told me when he was on the hills growing ganja the owner of the property let him borrow a pair said when he looked at the night sky with them on said you can see all sorts of crap you couldn't see with the naked eye like constant metors/shooting stars un lit aircraft.

  16. Man of God says:

    FBI has nothing better to do,I they are half the man you are Fisher.

  17. Kyle Sherman says:

    the feds suck obelisk cock of their criminal masters…shadow working fuck stains…dark energy liers you all suck dick

  18. Day Man says:

    Dude I heard some shit on another chanel basically saying you went crazy trying kill people In a bullet proof vest and I didn't believe it for a second. When you're in the business you are in people put that shit on you. Just be careful man don't be another "suicide" case.

  19. Daaaaaang yo, you got released!? Hahaha…. Praise GOD brotha. Did they just drop everything?

  20. J Mallett says:

    This is very telling about how the government and the military industrial complex has been infiltrated by the satanists and illuminati. Look at the testimony of Doc Marquis. Unfortunately FisherOfMen did a couple of human things that were exploited and overexagerrated. Christians are the target of these satanists. They don't target muslims, but use them and make excuses for their bad behavior, like rape and murder around the world. The meaning of government in Greek literally means mind control. We need to pray about this. Pray against satanists who target christians. Pray against government politicians that have been proven to be pedophiles and murderers. We need to decide if we are willing to face evil for Christ, or be apathetic to the truth and go along with this to get along. Didn't the Jews try to get along with the Nazi's? Let us look at history here.

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