Illuminati False Choice: The Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Conspiracy


UPDATE** Obviously Clinton did NOT win. I’m curious as to the reasons why so I’ll be keeping an eye open for future plots and agendas to make themselves …


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  1. No matter What the course The People are Wising up and Watching ALL Parties!!!

  2. judah j says:

    Give the guy a chance! Lol.
    More lol's than can be lolled.

  3. youtube user says:

    lame click bait…moving on and away from this silly cr*p

  4. Niamh Ryan says:

    Hi Issac. I see you have Marlyn Manson on the cover on one of your books. Have you seen his new video? You maybe interested in analysing it. He is ripping up a bible, his usual thing. but he has a Trump lookalike that he beheads. It looks really sick. It hints to a ritual sacrifice and possible hit on Trump. Sorry i don't have a link but i saw another channel RSE do a vid on it. There may be a link there. Thanks

  5. I love your work. This vid just shows how right you are…
    I'd like your permission to mirror some of your vids with Greek subtitles and it goes without saying that your channel will be mentioned in my description box. I always give credits where they are due. Greetings from Greece and keep up the great work

  6. aaaah, looks like your "theory" was REALLY F'ING WRONG!!! What say u?!

  7. Chris H says:

    Only reason he won is because they realized the jig was up. He is controlled opposition. Hillary might have been impeached, her health was failing, and the public who paid attention know they had already rigged the primary for her. The narrative is ad controlled as always, the republicrats are still in charge, we live in a one party system. Left and Right is a false narrative, they do not exist.

  8. Light says:

    Presidents are "select" no "elected"! Still believe in the illusion vote? ALL is planned by elite!

    The article below reveals Donald Trump is a longstanding member of the satanic Masonic Jewish conspiracy that afflicts society: "Donald Trump is nothing less than a sideshow and a counterfeit medieval medicine man offering cheap miracle and ILLUSIONARY fixes for America's problems here and abroad." – See more at:

    All serve the same master!

  9. He didn't win he was obviously chosen if he got more electoral votes and Clinton did get the popular vote, do you think the government would actually let him in if he wasn't going to do what ever they say

  10. cameron h says:

    its true because of trump some repbulicans and christians are begging for hilary now

  11. Leo Foster says:

    why does the occult always got to be the bad wrong group maybe its really all the catholics and the churches the occult is out to free the people

  12. John Thomson says:

    looks like you were wrong

  13. I don't think that Donald Trump is Illuminati.

  14. I voted trump because Hillary is corrupt, her party is corrupt and now I find out she is a devil worshipper. I am disturbed that trump went to orgy island. but his message was clear to me not chaotic. the pc police distorted his message.

  15. theyetidude says:

    I told ya so Isaac – listen to God's prophets first, whose words TRUMP any sort of predictive programming. Kat Kerr and Mark Taylor called this thing.

  16. why760nitro says:

    ALL HAIL trump tOOG rOOG uOOG mOOG POOG grand poopba of the skull
    and bones and all seeing eye .THANK GOD WE GOTTA WHITE GUy IN THE WHITE

  17. those females ran for president they weren't presidents sarah palin ran for president

  18. your vote doesn't matter dumb ass hilary had more people vote for her she didn't win electoral votes on average about 300 people have power and control of america

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