Clone imposter body doubles.


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  1. they deleting comments

  2. Sam London says:

    People watch the movie The Island (2005), Multiplicity (1996), The 6th Day (2000), they literally tell you what they do in the movies.

  3. Jay Savage says:

    shout to all my negative blood types we can't be cloned

  4. spook show says:

    It's doll. Why do you say it like that?

  5. were is this picture from

  6. NInja981 says:

    Do child celebrity clones lol. Haven't seen that yet.

  7. snipes went to jail came back out a clone TA DA

  8. Dommel says:

    Please click on the link and sign up :

  9. Blazink KB says:

    Do one on young m.a

  10. So these Reptilians make defective beings. They can't get the skin color right, and there are no pores in their skin, and they all seem to have that ancient Egyptian Look., long tranny neck and Egyptian demon-eyed look.

  11. Yahuah do Fetty wap next

  12. Yahawah77 says:

    can you do professor griff

  13. Ciara has been cloned so many damn times shit People is wondering if her demonic ass is really human

  14. Chinwai Mode says:

    What can I do about cloning

  15. Thanks for opening my eyes a lot wider, they had me fooled,I would notice they looked a lot different, but took as plastic surgery.And now Kanye takes the cake,they did something to that man for sure,he's a lot quiet now,that mouth is shut.

  16. Hell the 3 Ciara looks like Michael Jackson!!! Well

  17. BBFOXHOUND says:

    Damn looks like the matrix

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