Illuminati Gatekeeper Angelina Jolie Pitt Admits to Satanic Ritual-Devil Rape-Snake Sacrifice


The Choice… Illuminati Gate Keepers Brad & Angelina Divorce Love is Dead playlist …


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  1. Roma Burcher says:

    You people are sick whoever this guy is talking is a sick individual anyone who is a frequent viewer of these videos are sic. SICK!

  2. Kathi K. says:

    Angies major eating disorder will ne in the divorce… Brad wont play

  3. Kathi K. says:

    how about blood viles around her and Billy Bobs neck. hmmm

  4. th3azscorpio says:

    I have long theorized that she was likely raped and abused her father in the usual multi-generational, abuse family type programming. Either way, this bitch is sick, all of hollyweird is.

  5. Not shocked at all she is very, very dark.

  6. Never follow your heart….' For beyond all things the heart is wickedly, wickedly deceiving and also desperatly wicked "

  7. Beautiful missing link footage ~ ties in seamlessly with the United Nations ~ and Hollywood, of course!

  8. Angelina Jolie also played a diagnosed psychopath in the film Girl, Interrupted….And seriously, the name Angelina is quite interesting in light of her persona, don't you think.?

  9. Have you seen those extremely sexual pictures of her and a horse?

  10. Hello i am Brasil what happing ?

  11. The bonesman peaking over Damon's shoulder strongly resembles George Clooney.

  12. Welcome to designer humanity!

  13. Sophie Dedon says:

    Very intéressant

  14. These people will be very sorry when they die !!! And for one I don't feel sorry for them!

  15. AJ SUN says:

    So whatya say we chop those babies off?!! "Oh yeah, go ahead…what do I need those for!"…LOL Pockets – you should really try to be sarcastic in more of your videos… You do really good work man, but you're FUNNY!!! I just wish you'd finally come around and see that ALL of this shit is for the purposes of denying Jesus Christ and to try and get people to doubt the Bible / Word of GOD, etc. I never really believed in the devil…never read the Bible… But that's what this is ALL about & Always has been about!!

  16. AJ SUN says:

    BTW – does anyone know if Matt Damon's father died for real?

  17. BeauSC4Ever says:

    You are (surprisingly) on track regarding a lot of this. You are still missing some of the details, but good for you! ;)

  18. BeauSC4Ever says:

    The excision of the reproductive parts, in a person who has never had children, is the ultimate sacrifice for long life and lasting beauty. The moment a witch has a child, be they male or female, they see their own mortality and loss of power. Just thought I would clear that up for you! Your welcome! :)

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