Illuminati have a SHOCKING plan for 2016 (R$E)


Exposed! The shocking plan for 2016 and beyond that has been secretly in the works for many years. The illuminati / Luciferian agenda of the anti-Christ is …


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  1. 2016….. Plans…..?

  2. If you don't like the internet what the hell are you doing here??? Get out of youtube and burn your computer.

  3. Moonspell67 says:

    just what is this SHOCKING plan for 2016. This video doesn't say 1 word about this plan.

  4. I can't get pass genesis and it's messed up way of explaining the creation of the earth. The life of Adam and Eve and they're children makes no sense either.

  5. You are blind. A highly deceptive video and channel. Only the gullible buy into this conspiracy nonsense! Yell, kick scream all you want. It is the truth. There is something very wrong with you "Christians" today. You "Christians" have the antichrist spirit and don't even realize it. Deny all you want, it is the truth what you have become! You people have united in hatred against everyone else who doesn't share your precious belief. None of this crap you guys spread on youtube is love or of Christ. You have lost your way and are in total darkness! You prove me all the more by making hateful, perverted comments! I am just exposing what you truly are. Evil spirited people! There is more to life than your little closed box! Expand your minds and break the chains that bind or forever be imprisoned by hate and FEAR. It is truly sad to see what the world has become. Shame on you Christians, Jews and Muslims!
    PRIDE cometh before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall, CHRISTIANS.

  6. Vaga Bond says:

    Illuminati = jewish – masonic cabal. Read the protocols of zion out of b'nai brith, a total blueprint for the new world order of today. Hitler was against 'illuminati' and the new world order, just listen to his speechs. He also closed down All secret soceitys, and went against the international jewish banksters. Hitler was not the bad guy of ww2, it is just another lie from the 'adversery'.

  7. am i the only one who is beginning to feel like being extremely convinced of a reality that cannot be proved is a very visible symptom of mental illness? i think we should lock away people who believe in religion and have them treated for their delusions.

  8. How many people has God killed in the bible compared to that of his nemesis Satan?
    Demons don't come from the underworld, they come from the sky above. This may appeal to some and raise an eye on others but there is an underlining message. Stop being so credulous. Stop soaking up all this nonsense and concentrate on the now. Religion and conspiracy theorists will have you in a constant state of fear. Every form of belief is a cult.

  9. What is the male equivalent of the Jezebel spirit? This sounds like a whole lot of male chauvinism to me bud. How you became worried about the 1000 years rein of the illuminated ones when religion has been here for so long and done so little of anything positive beguiles me. I am so so so over people like you, blah blah blah! Just go to heaven, finish it.

  10. ALEX MCFEE says:

    Evil people in power these poeple worship,satan they start all wars ww3 around da corner they brainwashing th nation to keep busy no time for god or good wake up people end I'd near 

  11. Don bloom B says:

    wish u 'd only use the euro face to depict satan in ur message. using ur own face and or image to depict godly things in this day and age tells that white people are very much in the past; the arrival of the rfid chip will certainly trigger off voilence of great magnitude all over america and the rest of the world; the racists of the south and other areas of the united states of america just as well use their weapons to defend them selves against those men that shall force them to take the chip; it is america's racist behaviour that cause their pending new world order distruction. u will use those guns now in a way never used before any where in history if u want to save ur asses; marke my words;

  12. hopgoblin1 says:

    It's not just the New Age. It is, in part,  Christianity itself. Yes, New Age is Man Centered, but guess what, so is Christianity. Just like Cain and Able. God prescribed a particular way to worship, and Cain of course worshiped God according to his own choosing, which was the best of his bounty and not the required sacrifice.; this was "Man Centered" As a consequence, God did not accept Cain's worship. Same today, when Man chooses to follow tradition by worshipping on SUNday, a decision made at the Council of Laocidea 321AD. Man, once again is using the Cain principle of Man Centered worship in following the papal Sunday Decree and not the word of God and the 4th Commandment. The truth is coming out! The protestant reformers all pointed to Papal succession as the Anti-Christ and identified the papacy as the little horn found in Daniel 8. The Jesuits have done a tremendous job in swaying the protestants mind set away from the papacy. But the Jesuits, the top of the Illuminati are being exposed.

  13. fuck bible fuck church fuck this false religion that destroyed my ancestors and ancient tribes they are hate…

  14. xaminxa says:

    mona lisa

  15. I was very intrigued by the video until you mentioned the new terminology ISIS Lamb
    remember your not just entertaining rather inform the truth can be easily found
    ISIS Lamb now thats funny

  16. Veeken 777 says:

    You can see that Eastern Star or Ezekiels Wheel now if you want. That's why they are holding back on pulling the economic plug just yet, the holy ghost is resisting them till after the rapture, take a look on Ahead Cor2 Satellite

  17. Nice video but I didn't see anything specific about 2016. Title should probably be more like something about 'How the dark side acts as a parasite to truth'.

  18. zee fenn says:

    what the fuck is this chavvy chatting about, proper clutching at straws here, so many more reasons for stuff that goes on than illuminati. twisting things like a woman its so fucked up hahaaha

  19. zee fenn says:

    what the fuck is this chavvy chatting about, proper clutching at straws here, so many more reasons for stuff that goes on than illuminati. twisting things like a woman its so fucked up hahaaha

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