Illuminati History Documentary


This film is dedicated to bill cooper a man lay down his life for freedom and martyred by enlightened , Bill Clinton call him the most dangerous man in America .


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  1. A REAL patriot, not like these faggot masons who pretend to have founded this country.

  2. tyler red says:

    Don't leave all your faith in god. Take action for yourself instead of just praying

  3. This opened my eyes, man I got faith In God, and I ain't giving that up for nothing. True That!

  4. Yup….I am a Catholic…but like the video said the HIGH UP ones are screwed up-humble ones are not-Jesus healed me. I am with JESUS!! XXXX I LOVE HIM!!!!

  5. CLA UDIU says:

    Illuminati proves Christ

    You see Christ warned us Satan would gather the leaders of the world to force a one world government

    its happening right now

    the prophecy went into even more detail
    the prophecy pin pointed who the leader of the Illuminati would be
    its the anti Christ
    the prophecy also pin points who this anti Christ is

    its the pope
    the same power that murdered 50 million Christians in the dark ages
    you see the pope and his Jesuits started the Illuminati same agenda they share

  6. Austin Lewis says:

    If you listen to 'Carry on' by 'Avenged sevenfold' it says "Destroy their perfect crime, watch the power fall." enough.said. fuigure it out for yourself. We gotta end this. im only four-fucking-teen and i know this. it all starts with kids. thats one of the many steps in 'destroying the perfect crime'

  7. Keenan Prat says:

    Best video about this topic and by the way whats the song at the end?

  8. Aixa Troche says:

    This is opening my eyes more and more I stand with god the only person I will ever bow down to when he comes unto us and the battle of good and evil will prevail he is the only one I shall surrender to !!!

  9. Mr. Anders0n says:

    Please tell me if they distort everything using the media, why haven't they modified the Bible as well ? What makes you so sure the bible is the real deal ?

  10. mrhappy05051 says:

    I think God knows that we need the Bible as one of our tools for life, so he would prevent anyone from taking away from its truth and adding lies. Also, at the end of the Bible, it says that anybody who alters the Bible is goin to Hell. best guess.

  11. I like the Phantom of The Opera sound track in the beginning.

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