Illuminati history of cinema – Full Documentary w / Greek Subtitles


By – This is a great documentary that you have never seen on the history of the Bavarian Illuminati , Freemasonry and Secret …


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  1. Jesus Christ says:

    Ancient wisdom of the illuminati has been revealed, Google "Truth Contest" and read the top entry.

  2. 30.30 "conveniently Jewish"… too loaded.

  3. this guy is a shill… obvious. the language he uses is so blatant.

  4. MOTO RACER says:

    2+1+1+5+2 =11…time video.

  5. If  humans were telepathic we couldnt be lied too so easily

  6. Texas Ray says:

    Well done.  The established facts without all the BS that has been intentionally spun around the subject.

  7. Texas Ray says:

    Of course they're still around, but under a lot of different organizations with a lot of different names and separate but interlocking leadership.. The NWO is as good a generic name as any for the whole global mess.

  8. In the first five minutes, I felt like they were automatically discredited. Illuminati in french is "Illuminés"…

  9. Christians have hidden the truth about Nibiru as you and your Illuminati have also done. But the joke is on you. You see the Annunaki has in the past allowed man kind to continue mining gold for them but that will now change. They  will soon come to earth and have decided to end man kind and to take this planet for themselves. If they spare any of us it will only be to keep as slaves or even as pets. You Illuminati have betrayed man kind and sold us all down the river. You have allowed the Annunaki to destroy man kind. Shame on you all. It all sounds so very insane, but what is most insane is that this is all true. The good news is that if you do not believe any of this you will only have to wait a few more months to see just how real it all is. Look for JULY 29TH, followed by September to October comets from sky hit earth, followed by Marshal law before Christmas when planet x  appears in the sky. Then by spring time the earth pole shift takes place killing most of life on the planet.  No Gods are going to save you. Only the elitist will survive and then the Anunnaki will most likely kill most of them. Times up game over. None of us win.

  10. Those in the illuminati are all decieved by satan himself. The devil promises "godhood" to mankind in exchange for their submission and worship. And although "earthly power" is gained for the time being, their soul is lost to eternal damnation, satan just doesn't tell them that part. He's on a quest to rule earth bc he knows he'll never overthrow the ONE TRUE GOD YAHWEH/JESUS CHRIST. Ultimately God will have the last word, the devil and all his cohorts, spiritual and carnal will share eternity in the lake of FIRE! For those who are human, your only hope to live Forever is and will ONLY be in Christ Jesus! JESUS IS KING! 

  11. when you say secret cult you have said secret secret.cult mean secret only not evil not devil not group of worshipers .

  12. andy says:

    there is no Illuminati, there is no satan, there is no god or jesus, there is no hell or heaven …its all man-made, period !

  13. Aldrin Paule says:

    Hey Andy, the hopeless people lives on earth are the unbeliever to the God Almighty, or the Supreme being, or to Jesus, they are the most pitied, they just know that after death is nothing, how hopeless.

  14. Aldrin Paule says:

    There's a lot of false here on earth, but it doesn't mean that there is no Truth.

  15. Kevin Lunt says:

    I've noticed in other British documentaries about conspiracy theories, they always bash the conspiracy theories and theorists, painting them all as "laughable" and "looney." Maybe it's because the Crown wants their citizens to be obedient so they won't realize the royal family is just a big parasite.

    Wow, the British never got over the bitterness of losing the colonies and the empire. They keep dropping little guilt trips about the American killing off of the Native Indians. Yes it was terrible, but how about you Brits give back all that plunder you have in the museum of London before you criticize anyone.

    I do not believe at all that Freemasons have any sinister agenda and I don't believe the Illuminati still exist. I do however believe that many rich and powerful people want to rule the world and are making an effort to do so. I really want my fellow conspiracy believers to stop this Illuminati nonsense. It just makes us look bad. Let's focus on the proven enemies; the the NSA, the military industry, Bilderbergs, CFR, Trilatteral commission, the UN, the CIA, the bushes, etc. We solve those problems, then it won't matter if there was some evil boys' club behind all of it.

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