Illuminati Hollywood : Full Disclosure 1/8


http : // Full Disclosure is a full-length documentary that takes an analytical look at deeper Illuminati and Masonic symbolism in .. .


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  1. Dude, I used to think like you till I went to film school, in Hollywood and the first thing they taught us was how to use subliminal messages and it even goes as deep as set design in the producton process… it was a wake up call to me.

  2. tiz444 says:

    Michael, mistaken as the sun god in Road to Eldorado, actually means "he who is like god". A deliberate choice? Why?

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  4. Skate Rock says:

    Holy+Wood = Magic Wand
    Hollywood = Illuminati

    Discovering the secret
    See wikipedia /wiki/Wand

  5. lyfe 1zruff says:

    thats exactly what they want

  6. seanm69 says:

    i watched all 8 episodes and i have even less understanding now then when i started. what am i supposed to take away from this? han solo is the antichrist and darth vader is jesus christ… what are you smoking man? you made tons of connections but there is no message at the end. all you are saying is the illuminati are hiding a message in plain sight and then show connections to egyptian lore. I applaud you for all of your work but you need to be clear what your overall message is

  7. gerdz101 says:

    And this is why alot of people are being deceived. Open your eyes. You are too indulged with those hollywood movies.

  8. David G says:

    My friend, I'm sorry….but you got some catching up to do. Symbols do have more than one meaning but that doesn't matter. It's WHAT MEANING THEY'RE TRYING TO GET ACROSS! Everything that you see on TV/movies is put there for an exact reason.

  9. David G says:

    Research some of the symbols and where they derive from then come back and comment and we can have a logical conversation. And maybe you can learn how to express yourself differently

  10. you just shut up argue on a decent level!

  11. R Tirado says:

    Leave them ewoks alone.

  12. manmachine30 says:

    ILLUMINATI this!!!!!

  13. Hit a snag at 2:58. I just watched TMHWBK and its about two British Soliders who are Freemasons who go on an adventure, not "vagabonds." Connery's hat was edited, he wears the same one as Caine in the movie. Also, Peachy wasn't scarred and suffered for 1000 years, he was crucified and lived. I strongly recommend anyone interested in Freemasonry to watch the movie for themselves… its a wicked adventure movie about two badass masons!

  14. Wayne Manzo says:

    The Super Jew Martian Klan race of telepathic, mind controllers own the news media and
    the entertainment industry. The Super Jews control the education system, the colleges,
    the money, the businesses, the jobs__they control you and don't want you to know
    what they are and what their evil agenda is. Enslavement and extermination of every
    Human Gentile in America until there are only Super Jews slaves controlled by Super Jews and that is what is happening. Information is controlled by___! Wake up!

  15. Michael Ross says:

    The antichrist is satan himself in the flesh defacto and not a man.

  16. Ha HA 1! !! says:

    For a minute I thought I was done pocking around the "Crazies" section of youtube. IT just never burns out how amusing it is to read how many crazy people there actually are. There should be a study on the correlation with Paranoid Schizophrenia being contagious through Viral Conspiracies.

  17. Ha HA 1! !! says:

    Cool two sane people in the "crazies" section of youtube with some sensible points. Just how we were accusing celebrities of being communist in the past, we are now accusing them of being Illuminati. There was also a time where we were burning people on the stick accusing them of witch craft, for being different and bringing in new forms of medicine.

  18. But aren't these just movies? Aren't they supposed to be entertainment?

  19. InducingEnvy says:

    Hate to ruin the fantasy, but there is no illuminati. That was over shortly after it began, and has not continued in any way since. People hear that word and think they're onto something. They think they're "awake". In reality, they're eating blue pills by the truckload. Pay attention to the names and you will see that your rulers are not hiding in some dark room plotting your demise. The are fucking you in public.

  20. This is all so amusing to me, so if it's real….then it's real, but if it's fake, so what, just enjoy the ride while it lasts!!!

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