Illuminati Hollywood: RITUAL SEASON II


RITUAL SEASON II Starring Ke$ha, LEO “Eco-Terrorist” DiCaprio, & Queen Clone Baphomet Bey.


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  1. Jennifer Kok says:

    William is behaving like a lizard, look at the tongue!!! reptillian possible.

  2. Ken Folks says:

    That's crazy that you said that about Leonardo Dicaprio because now that he has elevated he just won his first Oscar 5 days after this video came out..starting to see how Hollywood really get down

  3. All you fools saying "JESUS IS COMING" please do the world a favor and STFU. The Romans made up Jesus. He's fake,like the Easter bunny. Never existed.

  4. Kami Kitty says:

    any thoughts on him wining the oscar? I thought it was all a ritual, 88th Oscars, ended at midnight, to "leap" day, not to mention the symbolism that we all are tired of seeing. They're not even trying to hide anymore lol

  5. "Signs and $ymbols rule the world, not words nor laws" (Confucius)
    Ke$ha reminds me of a catoon version of an industry Frankenstein, a Hollywood hybrid featuring various aspects of Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga. Altogether I sense a somewhat mysterious creature manufactured in order to carry out a specific agenda..ladies and gentlemen it's ⚡️alive!

  6. The Illuminati headquarters is the Vatican, God, Jesus and Satan are all in on it you Catholic fools !!!!

  7. The Illuminati headquarters is the Vatican, God, Jesus and Satan are all in on it you Catholic fools !!!!

  8. See the look in the Pope's eye's he gonna give Decaprio the best blowjob he's ever got !!

  9. Sugar Hill says:

    +spicy1ize I agree with you totally! When I first saw Rihanna's album cover, I was like "Anti?" is that short for "Anti-Christ? This was a great video, since the claim of Leonardo being elevated I was wondering is that why they finally gave him an Oscar.

  10. Smh DiCaprio kissed the finger for an Oscar xD

  11. Peso Jay says:

    Watched this last week and knew he was winning the Oscar. Didn't even watch the movie.

  12. DAVOS in nothing compared to Bilderberg

  13. GblazeVids says:

    @ 10:12 I read something about an old 80's electronic keyboard that was used to invoke demonic sounds and anyone who uses it becomes famous. Seeing it gives me the chills. See John Todd "Demons behind the music"..that's where i started and then i ended my research at a story about a demonic electronic keyboard from the 80's

  14. yoshie8706 says:

    When you say duality world, what does that mean? Great video!

  15. Chloe McAmis says:

    repost without the music. great videos, but … smh

  16. Brian N says:

    they rewarding DiCaprio with an oscar idol

  17. Mr. Johnson says:

    Why does almost everything a celebrity does with their hands is a satanic symbol? why the hell are there are so many satanic symbols anyway?

  18. I feel sorry for artists like Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes and others who were sold to Satan and Hollyweird as children. But this woman Kesha willingly sold herself as an adult. No sympathy for blood drinking Jesus bashing satanic whores who think it's cool to sleep with ghosts and pollute young people with music that belongs in the trash!

  19. Beyonce is SO possessed that the demons are starting to literally change her features & countenance. I would imagine it would be hard on the body to house so much wickedness & still remain a somewhat Earthly God made form. Kind of like how a disease mutates the cell it infects over time.

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