Illuminati Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale Superbowl Ad Just gets it Wrong!


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  1. Mona Irwin says:

    Holy crap, seriously, what are you smoking??

  2. David Morris says:

    the movie made 4.8 million dollars at the box office it was a box office flop if this movie it's a series it might make it in the might not make it but those who have seen the movie it'll probably be the same thing like the series and I can say this good luck to the handmaid's tale my advice for you is to see the movie first or read the book because you might not want to see the series after you done seen the movie

  3. Molly Slater says:

    Feminist don't even get this! They are angry at real women. They are biologically been effected by the elites drugs to make them non genda. God made us in his image it's the. Devil mixing it up

  4. Molly Slater says:

    It respects there hair by only your husband and God should see

  5. Disgusting. #boycottHuLu good job exposing this dirtbag New World order show

  6. Lori Puckett says:

    Female reproduction control.

  7. milenski26 says:

    You clearly haven't read the book, and since the show hasn't premeared yet, you can't go about judging the validity of the distopian future in it just by what they tell you in a trailer. Believe in conspiracy theories all you want, but at least try to have an informed opinion based on more that 40 seconds of information.

  8. Stanislov Lem or even A Clockwork Orange are truly compelling futuramas, along with the endless slew of Philip K Dick ~ confess to have never read Atwood with an unreserved pride, as if she doesn't get that corner of my brain ~ your critique, however, is most crystalline, Thank you always.

  9. The planet is not overpopulating. God did not create this realm without enough room or resources for everybody. To put it in perspective, I live on Vancouver Island, and just out of curiosity, I figured out that you could fit everyone on the planet, on this small island, with room to spare. Obviously we couldn't all live here, but the size of the planet becomes apparent. The problem is greed.They rule us by means of "arrested development". As in, nothing truly progressive is allowed to happen. If we were less wasteful, and accessed our energy, and grew our food, in ways that weren't so destructive, we would be fine. Global warming is also an untruth. There is no evidence that global temperatures are rising in any way that couldn't be discounted as cyclic. The "controllers" as you call them, have got you too. Huge cities are a purposeful, and unnatural thing, caused by the emergence of factory farms etc. It is all a part of the New World Order agenda, in which they intend to cut the population of slaves, so there are just enough to serve the elite (easier to control). They intend to keep most of them in huge cities, with huge tracts of land kept as "nature reserves". It is foretold in the Bible that nature shall be placed above man.

  10. Niamh Ryan says:

    Hi Paul. Good job. Yeah I agree totally with you. Hope you are well my friend. Haven't been online for a bit cause my inter web was down. It was good in a way to take a break i suppose but I missed you and your videos. Best wishes and blessings. Oh one more thing you may want to check out an ad about Mexican avocado's you might find it very very interesting as it shows a bunch of people in robes hence a secret society. It's supposed to be funny but it is quite blatant with it's symbols. The secret is out and they mention fake moon landings etc subliminal messaging and the existence of bigfoot. To me it looks like they are trying to confuse and insult us. Sorry I don't have a link but I would be interested to know what your thoughts are. Thanks again Paul.

  11. Darmok says:

    The future will outlaw heterosexual sex and relationships. All humans will be engineered in a lab and degenerate cattle will be enslaved and culled, and Mother Gaia will be saved from the human stain. Oh and all boy will be used for cosmetics and spirit cooking.

  12. Rick Cahill says:

    Does anyone have any ideas why there are different colored pillows on the ground at the scene at 4:30? Just curious as to why and how they are arranged?

  13. usa gov't PAYS farmers to NOT plant & FORCES farmer to throw crops out !
    we have enough food, not enough people. & if epa & certain industries would stop irresponsible disposal of waste & resources, pollution wouldn't be the problem it is.

  14. Do NOT support Hollywood, professional sports, or MSM.
    No view. No money. Kick them out of your life and you will be happier. Fight them.

  15. The late Douglas Adams wrote some amazing fictional books of science fiction that was very futuristic he even had a computer in it that is kind of alive and a book he carries with him across the galaxies called Don't panic .that book was basically google ! if you havnt read his books ?. Please do ! he wrote them in the 80s and throughout the stories he writes about the world wide web and teleportation apocolyptic endings to the earth …alsorts of goodies his most famous being The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

  16. You should read the book.

  17. Paul it's a bit disappointing that you have fallen for the overpopulation hoax.

  18. T Kerr says:

    TY 🙂 ♡ Enjoying Beauty @ It's 1st OX ? 2U2

  19. White Raven says:

    Wow how sick and twisted is that those liberal feminist are psycho whores make me sick…. Agenda is a understatement there well on there way to burn in hell so good luck with their crap…..

  20. Did you ever see the movie Paul?? Check it out, it might help you understand better.

  21. I don't think it's a lie, I think it's true: the women are divided into 2 categories-breeders and harlots, playthings for the elite class on pleasure island. Since the transgendered elite can not procreate themselves

  22. Lisa Love says:

    I remember watching the original movies from the 80's felt it was very disturbing.
    Do yo think we should have population control?

  23. why are the super bowl ads coming out prier to the super bowl? I think the ad companies feel no one is going to watch it this year.

  24. Samod Amir says:

    My guy for the truth thanks brother

  25. I am very worried about the future. Somehow we are devolving and mayhem is the norm.

  26. Skid Mashr says:

    you covered this "Split" movie comin?it's All out war now

  27. This is portraying the type of future the far left is pushing. Look at the women's march lead by muslim leader's who actually said they plan to enslave American women under Sharia law. Those women marches r funded by the same guy paying for the anti Trump protest who is liberal puppeteer extraordinaire george soros

  28. Take away their ability to have children and they'd soon change their minds

  29. Ryan Emerson says:

    The world is not overpopulated that is a bs lie. They want less people so they do not get overthrown as easily. Just ask why does the government populate the the cities and towns with none fruit baring trees.

  30. levi222 says:

    thanks Paul God bless you and yours!

  31. nancy gatto says:

    i agree with you 100% what our entertainment industry is doing. it is a sad time in this world. now with beyonce pregnant they are shoving these bizarre pregnant photos her her wearing a veil as of she is our GOD. its beyond disgusting as well.

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