Illuminati Human Mind control Explained Documentary link.


Illuminati Human Mind control explained link. The Truth revealed! We have been lied to all along! Our time is nearly up! We all need to wake from our slumber …


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  1. Powfleck says:

    So, what would you say, if nothing happened on september-23?? So, next time!

  2. For some reason there is no reply button here +Powfleck1964 but all I have to say to you is you obviously have not watched the documentary!

  3. so you learned the truth God is like some Programmer and the universe is a TRON simulation I prefer Lawn Mowerman 2 or the Matrix. But you get the point. We're all clones and fakes from the first time the annunaki blew up all of us and shit.

  4. Your Energy/Battery that is your SOL or Soul. It's the charge you give off that makes you feel alive. None of us are real though. >__< I've been telling people this for like a year now. EARTH IS PURGATORY. It's a Holographic VR simulation to see if your capable or worthy of ascension to the next Level.

  5. It's September 23rd. I'm not dead. NOBODY IS DEAD.  TVC FTW!!

  6. 23/09/2015 Yes it has come and gone without a hitch but is it actually mentioned anywhere that something will happen on this specific day? AHHh NO!

  7. I gave the September 23rd 2015 End of the World conspiracy a whole day extra just for good measure. Anyone else experience the U.S. nuking a meteor upon impact into the gulf coast thus destroying half of the planet? I am willing to admit that my lack of apocalypse may be user error.

  8. Wrong again ! LOL. What's the next excuse ?

  9. MAD2472 says:

    I was looking around my loft 5 mins ago , i cant believe it. I found the missing first page of the original bible, and lo God spoke these words to me on the first page….

    "All characters in this book are purely fictional, any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental"

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