Illuminati is Illuminati is Illuminati


We now know that the illuminati is the illuminati which is in point the illuminati.

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  1. ie ei says:

    four four has four letters
    4/4 = 1
    illiminati has 1 eye
    four = illuminati confirmed

  2. Mann Kamal says:

    yeah illuminati is illuminati

  3. now i believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …vengeance is mine.

  4. Walruses live in the ocean. Ocean has five letters.

  5. I love this because its so stupid and random

  6. zaid qutob says:

    no the illuminati does not haves eyes it has an eye , only one eye

  7. Someone: Do you know what else is black?
    Someone: A seal

  8. Steel Angel says:

    u said seals have eyes, the illuminati has eyes. the illuminati has one eye, therefore an eye not eyes. this is not incorrect, I think xD

  9. Peladophobian is iluminati confirmed
    Peladophobian has 13 letters
    Do you know what else has 3 sides?
    That's right!
    A glass triangle…
    Do you know what is glass made of?
    Sand comes from the desert.
    the egypt pyramids are in a desert
    they were made up of sand
    Pyramids have 3 sides
    The illuminati is a triangle
    Triangles has 3 sides
    So have the illuminati
    The illuminati has 1 round eye
    The illuminati is a pyramid
    Peladophobian's image is a bold round head
    So can we know confirm that Peladophobian is Donald Trump lost son… But if Donald Trump is not illuminati
    why does Peladophobian says that he's illuminati
    That's right
    Its because Peladophobian is the only one who knows how to do Illuminati equations…
    But only illuminatis know how to do illuminati equations so…
    We can know CONFIRM that Peladophobian is illuminati CONFIRMED!

  10. this epic background song

  11. i like how his text to speech program pronounces "shit" as "sheet" XD

  12. what a joke???????? good one


  14. it can not be real! My entire life was a LIE!!!!!!!

  15. Dana Ashlie says:

    To think this is merely a joke is delusional. Mind control works in more ubiquitous ways than you realize. This belittles even questioning sincerely what illuminati is…and makes it a joke. When this cozy world isn't cozy anymore you'll "get" that joking about this topic isn't a solution.

  16. Bryana Rose says:

    So r seals in the illuminati?

  17. Watch TB Joshua healing ministry from youtube and you will fine the real behind

  18. 0:51 this mistake ended up making a sequel called illuminati is illuminati is illuminati is illuminati

  19. cringy cuber says:

    lol I watched this while on the toilet so I did have some toilet paper

  20. BeelZeDemon says:

    Now hold on, this can't be right.
    I mean, every other video you created made perfect sense. But this one is just ridiculous. How can the illuminati have anything to do with the illuminati? I see no connection. In fact, the illuminati which are illuminati are the ones fighting the illuminati.

    I think what's really going on here is: you became part of the illuminati and now you're trying to lead us on the wrong track by making unrealistic statements like the illuminati having ANYTHING to do with the illuminati.
    Good try sir, but you can't fool me!

  21. Aj Edwards says:

    This is so fucking dumb

  22. AllTrueGamer says:

    Isis is Illuminati:
    Illuminati begins with i,
    My favourite letter is S,
    I + S = Is,
    My friends know they're doubles,
    double Is is Isis.
    Isis is Illuminati confirmed

  23. Roge's Doges says:

    If seals are in the Illuminati.. No! My secret is out!

  24. Holy shit every thing I learned in life is a lie he is god obey him forever he is god

  25. BloxBuilder says:

    no illuminati is illuminati is illuminati is Illuminati but illimunati is not illuminati and that is not illuminati.

  26. We have eyes we are from illuminati

  27. you cant tell if I'm in the Illuminati can you

  28. MegaNex says:

    u are amazing1!!!!!111 m8 im find out whos illmunati its quick n easy its u!!!!111

  29. MarkYBrine says:


  30. Emily Gibson says:

    Do You Know What Else Is Black?
    My Future Cus Nothing Is In It

  31. shin jin says:

    그냥 개소리넼ㅋㅋㅋ

  32. Mya La Belle says:

    Thatbguy was trying to illminati comferemed

  33. Mya La Belle says:


  34. U are fU*d u lie about illuminati that's beacuse u are part of illuminati

  35. shadysheep says:

    vegemite is black, do you know what else is black? Thats right………….Kevin Hart

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