Illuminati is once again Talking LOUDLY about the New World Order


The terrific “UNRAVVELING” is very well underway, be ready be vigilant, It will in fact come like a thief in the evening .
RFB McCain taking pictures(Comprehensive)


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36 Responses

  1. You know, Richie, that DOES smell a little like BULLSHIT. Good point.

  2. He used the cop card, there to cover Ambassador. Thanks for the vid.?

  3. Is it Barbarian Rebellion with a haircut?! No… Boris Johnson?

  4. hopebird44 says:

    thank you for the time and effort you put into your videos Richie…it's appreciated!!!

  5. Ears To You says:

    Someone said the direction of the shot victim's body not rightly in true way.

  6. paisleychic says:

    McCain speaking about Syria as a tragedy… that he happily played a part in. He thinks nobody remembers his trip to Syria and photo op with those helpful rebel fighters…you know former al Qaeda and soon to be ISIS members.

    As for Christmas and what will happen… I'm drained. I have been on high alert since May or June. I don't know how y'all keep day to day life going. I mean I knew about some things but all that I've learned this year? It weighs on me. Maybe it's because nobody around me gets it. Don't know.

  7. Good call Richie thanks for the information. God Bless you.

  8. RFB You are right a gallon of blood would be there.

  9. Here's what I see on this video….No blood or blood splatter. No secret service agents present like you would see if one of our Ambassadors were making a public appearance. The camera man never jumped or fringed when the gunfire went off, just panned out ( maybe the camera was on a tripod?). People in the room didnt have a look of fear, horror or panic on their faces. I didnt hear a lot of screaming either….you would have heard me scream miles away if I was in that room. You dont hear any moaning from the Ambassador. The way the Ambassador fell is strange. It looked like he fell straight down to the floor and couldve had a soft landing and position himself before the camera panned out far enough to see his body. The gunman was able to make it out of the room before he was supposedly shot to his death, and by whom? Russian news is saying theat the Ambassador died… this is confusing, why would Russia be in on a fake stunt like this?

  10. Union Road says:

    if i lived in US defendly wuld like to meet up hard to find real ppl any more 🙁 every one only looking after it self all liers and cowards sad sad

  11. Oh yeah this to – he got there because he was a cop –

  12. I could be mistaken, but from what I've heard over here in Moscow, he took about 8 rounds. A heart stopper, and therefor no pool of blood. …

  13. Honestly you are the biggest douche bag on youtube im glad you are dying from aids you drug taking shitbag get a job and or life

  14. Get a job you bum you are a non factor lol look like a drugged out shitbag that lives with mommy. RFB im out of lines

  15. Why would a radical Islamist not shoot the camera man too? Where was security? Why no blood pool after being shot?

  16. Axl Patton says:

    The gunman was another one of their puppets waiting for his time to perform because he is 22 years old and one of the police special forces unit working in the capital. So he could enter any building with his badge and gun.

  17. as I told everyone TRUMP was gonna being elected  Stop worrying about obvious crap that isn't gonna happen.. TRUMP IS AND HAS BEEN THE PLAN ALL ALONG  He is the DEVILS ADVOCATE….


  19. Wow, thanks Richie!
    Hang in there brother

  20. Early report said gunman was secuity… but that has been removed

  21. the name of free to find the truths video is called Richie scams the sheep. I was going to add the link to my comment but for some reason I can't. thought you'd wanna know, what he said pissed me off bad. his whole show was a bash session on you. he is arrogant ignorant. I hope you go after this dude Richie. his channel is called free to find the truth

  22. Richie from Boston you got some dushe from free to find the truth channel bashing you big time he was going off on how you staged your computer burn up. just wanted to let you know I told him off in the comments and unsubscribed to his stupid channel

  23. Doc Zak says:

    What does that say on the podium? "a ckon ya" 🙂

  24. Mike H says:

    hey man check this out trump has been taken off 2017magazine does this mean ww3 or martial law something has changed their plans.

  25. I have to agree with you whole heatedly .were the blood . and that SHITHEAD McCain. he's right up to his neck in also of .this crap . but if this was staged do you think Russia might be in on it all working with the U.S. towards WW3 . if so. . that is a frightening prospect for all of us .

  26. neil2226 says:

    Correction and apology owed to richiefromboston sorry mate that's his coat splayed out on the floor I mistook it for the blood

  27. Siscokidd says:

    No other agencies played the shots that I viewed , where did you get the clip , it shows CNN , If true it is FAKE

  28. the ambassador's right arm moves at some point when he's on the ground. no body guards either? lol this dude was just laying down and couldn't sit still, probably too cheap to pour fake blood on his suit too.

  29. Tompa Noname says:

    Did you see what happened in Berlin? 12 dead, 48 injured…Truck run into crowd…

  30. brownsheep says:

    Yep Putin has thousands of troops already living here amongst us. Obama is going to do his best to get WW3 started before Jan.27, so Trump has even more to deal with.

  31. Brother Joe says:

    Do stuffed pigs bleed?…..LOLLL

  32. lblaine1950 says:

    McCain needs to be unraveled permanently.

  33. Filip F. says:

    Russia, Turkey and Iran must have an excuse to move the war into Israel. Everything is controlled by the antichrist from Qatar

  34. tony kamps says:


  35. Kk Westbury says:

    The assassin was an off duty police, who was also killed. The key is in what he says. "Remember Aleppo"
    What is happening in Aleppo? The news in Europe is VERY mixed. What is the White House response?

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