Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia


More confirmation that Freemasonry is a satanic criminal organization used by Masonic Jewish central bankers to strangle and squeeze the planet.

left- Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Berezovsky (oligarch), and Abramovitch (oligarch)

by “Sonja” in Moscow

This is a summary of Oleg Platonov, “Russia’s Crown of Thorns- Secret History of Freemasonry 1731-1996,” (1996)

This article was first posted in Nov. 2009



Freemasonry today is completely different from what is traditionally believed. Ritual is no longer a priority; the Masonic job is done outside the Lodges. Top politicians of many countries openly claim their involvement with Freemasonry. It is a sort of political trade union unifying unscrupulous politicians, financial swindlers and rogues of all kinds who seek personal profit and absolute power.

All major political decisions are made behind closed doors of Masonic organizations. Democratic elections are presented by a few candidates supported by the world’s elite. This system of political power was introduced in Russia in the late 80s. 

Masonic organizations are not united. They consist of “Mafia families” hostile to each other. We can witness a vivid example of Mafia fight in Russia now (1996). The ultimate goal of this fight is a split-up of the country and the holocaust of Russian people.

Today there are around 500 various Masonic Lodges in Russia (not including occult organizations and Satanists Churches) with around 200,000 members. A large number of members (not less than 10,000) represent so-called “white masonry”. The leading part belongs to the club-chain “Rotary”. Other organizations of “White Masonry” are Order of Eagle, Magisterium, Reform, International Russian Club, Soros Fund.

“White Freemasons” consider themselves superior and elite, and possessing special right to dominate and exploit other people. Their anti-Russian activities are of secret character.

Agents of Influence

Communism is Freemasonry but after the WWII, Russian national identity began to grow.Stalin created a foundation for a superstate (that’s why he was killed)and for decades after his death the country was living on the results of his work. USSR was turning into a superstate.Illuminati found that dangerous and decided to destroy it.

The first move of Illuminati was to create their own Masonic network in Russia by finding potential agents of influence. “Agent of influence” is a spy-term that means “a citizen of one country who acts in interests of another country using his high official post – in the government, media, science or art”.

In this summary, we will touch on the persons who worked for US and had been trained by CIA. Experts who studied Freemasonry note that US-trained agents have several typical characteristics.


  1. Ability to influence mass consciousness.
  2. Being a part of some network. Agent of Influence is a cog in the political machine controlled by CIA-developed programs in the 60-70s.
  3. Promotion of goals set out by the “master” (world’s elite represented by CIA). At a certain point these goals may be presented as those of the country, but in fact they are a stop-over on the way to “master’s” destination.
  4. Various forms of obligatory training – individual or group training. It could be a regular, seminar or intimate conversation.
  5. Background (secret) activity. The more powerful the agent, the deeper he is hidden. They don’t rule. They only make hints to a desirable decision harmful for the country.
  6. Personal interests and hate for Russian civilization and national historical values.

Strangely enough but the last issue is typical for the CIA agent trained in the 60s and those of the late 80s.

“Agents of influence” program had been developed by the Mason Allen Dulles (Director of CIA). At one of secret Masonic meetings in presence of vice president Truman, Henry Morgenthau and Bernard Baruch, Dulles said:

“US would use all their might and money to dupe people. Human brain is liable for change. We will plant chaos in peoples’ heads and we will replace their true values with false ones. We will find allies in Russia. Step by step we will watch the slow death of the most rebellious nation ever existed. Cinema, theater, literature will cultivate the lowest human feelings. We will impose a cult of sex, violence, treachery etc. We will make a mess of a government. Honesty and morale will become redundant. Cruelty, lies, drug and alcohol abuse, distrust and hostility will become essential part of life. Generation after generation will be undermined. Youth will be our tool. We have to corrupt and subvert it”.

After that main points in Russia-subversion program were stipulated and later forwarded in official US documents.

Since 1947 under an excuse of fighting Communism, American government assigns for that purpose millions of dollars yearly. The first CIA recruit was Alexander Yakovlev while he was studying at Columbia in the 60s.

Later he was called Perestroika’s supervisor. In late 60s he revealed himself as CIA recruit in his article where he criticized Russian national identity and made appeals to get over it. Some years later he was sent as ambassador to Canada where he entered into cooperation with Freemason Trudeau (prime minister).

In 60-70s a group of other agents of influence concentrates around Soviet government. Ex-physicist A. Sakharov and his Jewish wife E. Bonner became key-agents in the “cold war”. They worshiped western democracy and appealed to counteract national historical values of Russia.

The world’s elite was frightened by Russia’s revival and its growing influence world-wide.

In 1972 Illuminati understood that natural resources will diminish dramatically and the West faces the danger of having to cut down on consumption. They reanimated the old doctrine of NWO which will bring absolute power into their hands. The only obstacle on this way was the USSR which by that time controlled the biggest part of natural resources in the world.

So Illuminati decided to alter the Soviet system applying external pressure. A fund of one billion dollars a year was set up to foster and control anti-Russian processes among Russians.

By the 80s American Intelligence had plenty of allies amongst Soviet leadership. A source states that from 1985 till 1992 the West had invested over 90 billion dollars into “democratization” i.e. destabilization of Russia.

The fifth column

We don’t know how and in what amounts exactly the agents of influence were paid but we can say that in mid 80s, they were activated widely, this time with a strong support of Mikhail Gorbachev.

CIA preparation of new agents becomes a routine. They mainly emerge from the Communist Party circles and act freely. In the light of Perestroika they are presented to the public as champions of new ideas. All sorts of institutions and organizations are established throughout USSR.

Among them “the institute of USA”, “the Crible Institute”, “National Democracy Contribution”, “American Congress Fund”, “The Institute of A.Sakharov”. Lectures, conferences and trainings are given to Russian audiences. The motto is “Soviet Empire must be destroyed”.

Members of future Yelltsin’s team are trained and instructed there as well as famous journalists.

Thus, the “fifth column” of traitors was formed which in early 90s made part of new political parties.

Gorbachev was fully aware of the trend and he knew the names of Masonic functionaries but he did nothing to prevent their activities.

Moreover, he was warned by KGB several times. But he never reacted. That proves the fact that by that time he was tightly integrated into the system of connections with the West.

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