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44 Responses

  1. sit back and pull out your 32 gauge shotgun killed me. litterally

  2. Barney says:

    Omg we are all protected bye these young men, We will live WWIII

  3. Qai Dawud says:

    the famouse peladophoian. im so dead

  4. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  5. Peladophobian
    Pladophbian is hairless
    Do you know who else is hairless?
    That is right Agent-47
    You know what is Agent-47 doing?
    that is right he kills people you know who else kills people ?
    agent-47 has two eyes Peladophobian has also two eyes
    agent 47 has one nose
    Do you know who else has a nose that s right Peladophobian
    so 2+1=3 is three sides
    ILLUMINATI is triangle so Peladophobian is ILLUMINATI confiermed

  6. 3:51 name of the song please?

  7. cyril Ramos says:

    i like trains train comes in and hita phaladephobian

  8. Loatoppo ! says:

    I love how the text to speech program pronounces "woah" like wo-ah

  9. Peladophobian has been stabed around  his neck 7 times and his still alive illuminati confirmed  (-(-(-_-)-)-) btw the kid's voice killed me XD

  10. Réda Gaming says:

    u are killing me :)

  11. in reality behind the fake piano pewdiepie came up to him and kidnapped him and went into the sewers and made him make videos that contained his name in it so he could get more veiws by the user searching his name up on youtube to see who he is and made him sub and only fed him pizza and made him watch filthy frank and jontron memes for the rest of his life

  12. No guns are iluminati confirmed so you are iluminati

  13. this has nothing to do with what the video is labled and there is actually people in the world in multiple countries that are actually killing and assassinating illuminati members so far in the last 4 years thousands of their members have been captured and killed time to wake up and smell the coffee man

  14. N98 says:

    4:16 harry potter ?

  15. Noodle says:

    The "holy guacamole" killed me lmao

  16. Le Lenny says:

    The Illusion squad is here to stop the Illumanati at all cost, we serve Helix/Harambe
    How to join the squad:
    1.Copy and paste this everywhere


  17. Kishin Asura says:

    Alright peladophobianianians! This is how you make it:
    1.- Go to acapella_group dot com.
    2.- Select english(usa) for a language.
    3.- This are the voices:
    Jeffrey= WillBadGuy (emotive voice)

    Now you can play with the voices of your favorite Peladophobianverse characters all day long! Keep in mind, the bleach you need to apply to your stomach after playing is not included in this offer! Have fun!

  18. Jack Jacq says:

    i hope for a. but it probably is c.

  19. when you said phone my mom rang me…. WOW!

  20. Brandos1894 says:

    this is so funny

  21. ali uddin says:

    hello peledaphobianians should…I..erm…search that up on google?

  22. i almost spit my water when he say ^hello peladophobianianians

  23. I voted for the poo

  24. IronDoctorz says:

    D. A bloody piano will fall on his head and kill him

  25. SkeletonKing says:

    It's rlly funny in 3:51 i gonna watch again and Again and AGain and AGAin and AGAIn and AGAIN !!!!

  26. lol the annotation video. i didn't subscribe to him, i blocked him.

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