Illuminati Landmarks ( featuring Games Exposed )


From the macabre Moloch owl at the Bohemian Grove to the sinister murals at Denver International Airport, ODD TV and Games Exposed take a look at the top …


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  1. WOLF says:

    The earth is flat

  2. Great video ODD! If you do part 2 to this video, you should, I have a few things to add to your collection. The Hindu god shiva, god of destruction over at ol' CERN is creepy indeed. The united nations building in New York has all kinds of stuff going on. And last but not least, I REALLY THOUGHT you'd have this one, it's so dumb and blatant too! THE ISRAELI SUPREME COURT BUILDING! Imgae search that one up! They actually have the stupid pyramid with the brown eye on top! A couple good videos on the tube here about it as well, the whole building and grounds is crawling with Rothschild garbage!

  3. Wolfie says:

    On the Georgia Guidestones ( in your clip 4:15 ) on the left bottom side of it, there is written in russian language: "F**k you, we want to live"
    Just in case if someone was wondering.And by the way great video ODD :)

  4. Plagueround says:

    Up in Vancouver we have a number of Masonic Lodgehalls in the province. Near my place, we have an abandoned Free Mason Lodgehall in the middle of the town. Accompanied with the unforgettable emblem. Chilling, as it has not moved and not many have seen it used.

  5. WOLF says:

    They have gay sex on the grove

  6. Elena Alex says:

    Your new intro rocks!

  7. Pedro_xCore says:

    In Salzburg in Kollegienkirche there is all seeing eye on the left side of altair, and there is a checker board ground as well. Also there is an interesting sculpture behind altair – there is ?jesus? standing on the globe, radiating sun rays, with halo with 10 stars around head, and crescent moon before his feet. Basically it looks like the jesus here is the sun. Also on the altair, there is a bird with orb radiating sun rays behind him. Nevertheless, same bird is in the Salzburg cathedral, in the middle or the cupola (what is kind of prominent place for some bird), but now it has no orb behind, but it is radiating sun rays, and has a halo around his head. I am not sure what this sun worship means…or if the christianity is in fact a sun worship, or we are being deceived to look at it like it is… I read somewhere that christian IHS could mean also Isis, Horus, Seth…and Horus has a bird head…. PS: I am pretty sure that I have seen all seeing eye also in one of the churches in centre of Wien. PPS: there is a video on the youtube called something like "secrets in the plain sight", and although I dont agree with all the conclusions of this guy, he is pointing on some interesting connections between egyptian/babylonian religion and our western architecture…

  8. I live in a DEMONIC Magic Show, with many Creative Forces, Hiding God, but I am in it for The Long Haul, because I am more than another Soul in the System, I have Depth Perception and New Eyes. †_MARANATHA_†[John 12:31_"Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out."]

  9. Jason Abreu says:

    Glad to see you post 2 videos in less than a week, thanks bro !!!!

  10. Eric Laney says:

    +ODD TV man that painting is bad ass

  11. Mr Chronos says:

    Really brief but to the point. Sydney Harbour Bridge is a quiet example two really large stone pillars connecting through a gateway. Massive celebration on NYE. Canberra also has obelisk. Most Australian towns large and small have mini obelisk called cenotaphs celebrating the sacrifice of the war dead. These cenotaphs sadly listed the names of the many war dead from the wars Australians died in, considering that these wars were total creations of illuminati it is sad we go to them to remember our family members. The term sacrifice is mentioned frequently sadly this term is appropriate.

  12. Snide 2 says:

    These are some of the things that all these NASA loving Gravity worshipers need to know about. I can't believe that people label other people that see through all the propaganda and whom understand whats going on in the world behind the scenes "conspiracy theorist" when all this information is available. Great Job on all your videos!!

  13. great vid and intro!! where´s the music from?

  14. at the end, the painting is all jews

  15. russ chembo says:

    Add the date up on the denver airport plaque . 10 10 13 = 33.

  16. Nice it's crazy how dumb people think Illuminati NOT REAL SMH

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