Illuminati Media Pushing Hillary Clinton Propaganda #Will&Grace #KatyPerry


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  1. I appreciate these videos because I don't watch cable television/main stream media. I unplugged 5 years ago and only wish I'd done it sooner. Hope everyone is having a nice day.

  2. I'll look at Perry naked, but still won't vote for Hillary.

  3. I believe this "desperation" we are seeing from the NWO is just a show to make people believe that Trump truly is a threat to them. I like your videos, but I have to say I am disappointed in your take on the whole Trump issue. Common sense will tell us that nobody of his stature gets where he is without help from the illuminati. Not a chance in hell he is going to be president. He was brought in to defeat all the GOP candidates and then take a dive to give Hillary the presidency. What's in it for him, you might ask? Well, he was probably paid a heft sum, but on top of that he will go down as a hero. Everyone that worships him now and sees him as this anti-NWO figure will see him as that after he loses. This is all a show and you can't possibly believe in the NWO agenda and still believe that this is a republic, that they would leave something like the presidency of the United States up to chance.

  4. Jonni Jones says:

    they are all liars. wicked. satanist . don't believe the hype. we the people wined up paying for it. Donald a pimp. a coke fiend. his children are a bunch punk suckers. you can tell they are interested in daddy's illegal $$.

  5. Jonni Jones says:

    Donald definitely lost the debate. he was fuming angry. that is his WEAKNESS . He can't debate.

  6. I actually see 10x's trump ads on YouTube than Hillary and I really hate to admit it but Hillary looked healthy and really good at the debate. You must not have watched them. I'm not a supported of anyone in federal government but Hillary did look better representing herself than trump did.

  7. I'm just speechless. I am a fan of WaG, own all 8 seasons on DVD. I just pulled up and watched the video and I'm disgusted. Totally disgusted. I want to cry and throw up all at the same time. The only line in the whole thing I can agree with is Rosario's line at the end "Talk about a basket of deplorables."

  8. Ricardo 23 says:

    I feel like even if we do or do not vote the government wouldn't care and would say a satanist won and wouldn't even count the votes

  9. dr foo says:

    I don't side with either trump or hillary because they are shifters but i seen dish nation after and they were saying hellery won the debate hands down but I watched it and trump kicked her ass its the bending of reality!

  10. i can't wait for HER to win!

  11. People will listen to entertainers at a level that is almost fanatical worship. The spirit of the great whore is really rising up against the American believers of Jesus Christ.

  12. John Chaney says:

    freedom you really hit some serious points everything I tried to tell them wow! great job!!

  13. didn't watch that shitty show 10 years ago and I aint going to watch it now. hillary is trash

  14. Joe Speno says:

    Great piece. Thanks for sharing…..The elites are banking on what Hitler quoted long ago: "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one" Adolf Hitler; from Mein Kampf.

  15. I like your channel, I like to take outside perspective.

  16. I stopped watching all mainstream media over a year and a half ago. I got real picky who I am letting into my house anymore. We know that satan transforms himself into an angel of light, he does this in all kinds of ways. The CIA operation mockingbird still lives…

    Stop cursing! Get back to what GOD says, keep the Sabbath holy! Stop eating pork and all the other unclean foods…keep the laws, statues, judgments and commandments as best you can…


  17. TheGift says:

    I think this will and grace episode is extremely pro trump the messages if you are completely ignoring about politics in life and only one a woman president then vote for Hillary or if you have no brain just do it Katy Perry is doing. However the character of Karen who is an extremely brilliant successful businesswoman Who speaks the truth even though it's not politically correct and deep down is extremely in love with her maid then vote for trump. So once again the episodes message is vote for Hillary because she's a woman because I'm an ignorant fool who loves Katy Perry versus vote for Trump I'm extremely truthful successful businesswoman and love my immigrant maid

  18. Michael Deth says:

    I agree that their desperation is obvious to millions, perhaps billions on this Earth. All this time they have been thinking they were just smart and in charge. They will begin to find out that there is a power higher than themselves, so in essence, they too are experiencing a different awakening.

  19. An Gel says:

    Hillary will fix you good. You will have an unfortunate "accident" my friend.

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