Illuminati Member EXPOSES the TRUTH & MYSTICISM behind the Secret Society


The creator/designer is made evident in the objective order, functionality and design of the universe (#atom/#cell/#DNA/#nature) and our …


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  1. MrBucci20 says:

    This guy spoke few truths the only real truth he spoke was "I was involved in Drugs"

    Completely mental and as for that woman seeing people levitate tables a school WTF lactate some stuff in the video of you want people to believe any of the rubbish you speak.

    The power of persuasion is intelligence 

  2. levitating* your dreaming.

  3. Not everyone has the intelligence to attain psychic powers. Powers are in direct relationship to mental concentration and intelligence of metaphysics and even your own body: how is it composed of the soul and spirit, emotions and inner demons, reflection of your perception of the world are all components of being a psychic. It might be different for left-brain people than right brain people also

  4. God is amazing!!! Praise Jesus

  5. 1rammstein21 says:

    I knew yoga was evil!!!

  6. If he's in the 7th day adventist he might not be saved

  7. NasalBeauty says:

    Here's the irony: of all the people claiming to be ex-Illuminati members, none of them are legit. I, on the other hand, was actually in it. I know stuff that cannot be easily published. And, the truth is too weird for people to take it seriously anyway.
    The real Illuminati all reincarnate. Being 500 years old is normal.
    Their power comes from accessing spiritual dimensions that underlay our physical-seeming reality. So…the Illuminati don't use money, have no use for political power.
    Sex, 666, is the key to controlling society. What's going on is: all humans are subconsciously controlled by libido. Personality is a temporary social construct. And there is a vast system of censorship of useful knowledge.
    …alas…trying to reveal secrets is probably pointless…

  8. No one is levitating anything. STFU

  9. Tim Marshall says:

    Is he selling a book? lol.

  10. There is only one illuminatti. There is no affiliation with segregated populations such as that of the one listed above. I tried contacting them to let them know that people are confused thinking that they had the new world order because they are using my all seeing eye symbol.

  11. ONUVA ISLAM says:

    OMG he is Illuminati confirmed Wake Up America

  12. Looking inside urself is Bad?? But that is where the Kingdom of Heaven is!
    Levitation is bad,….But Jesus did it (The whole walking on water thing). And He said,…we will do Greater works than he did!
    Meditation is bad,…Yet Jesus said: "If ur eye be single, your whole body will be filled with light!"
    Are we to pluck out one eye,……….Oooooorrr MAYBE we should focus in SILENCE on our "Third Eye."
    Just some thoughts.

  13. Lies dude LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hahahahahahaha the moment i heard this bitch talk i lughed. hahahaha some of the fkest shit ive ever heard. These motherfuckers need help. Trying to talk bout secret societies like they are fucking Hogwarts.

  15. Sam Hahn says:

    This guy could levitate!!!
    In the name of Jesus Christ, STOP LYING!!!

    tapping inner power…fuck off man…
    its called Chakra…

  17. nikos t says:

    Your soul is yours and nobody can steal your soul…!!!
    this is just christianick terorism!

  18. The Illuminati have not existed since the late 1780's so he is either a man over 260 years of age or a liar

  19. Teamaudio19 says:

    Join us next time, we will be interviewing Bigfoot and loch Ness monster followed by selfies taken in UFOs!

  20. Ninjapanda says:

    still quite sure the illuminati does not follow christian mythology. or any form of it. satan is a character from christian mythology.

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