Illuminati NOW – Your Computer Controls YOU!


So you imagine your safe! Think once more! Microsoft Home windows ten is having above! or 972-420-1293


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  1. Daniel Shea says:

    Windows defender can't catch a cold, download Avast Free , download "classic shell"
    I have doing this for 20+ years and am A+ certified. Call me 209-743-7347

  2. Daniel Shea says:

    if you get a new computer, be sure to use customize to setup the os and turn all that shit off, and ONLY make a local account. Dan

  3. Daniel Shea says:

    Put tape over your camera, and get an old mike cable and cut it off and then plug it in the
    mic port.

  4. Daniel Shea says:

    change your account back to a local account

  5. Daniel Shea says:

    Download "classic shell" for win 10, it will make it work and look like win vista, win 7

  6. Daniel Shea says:


  7. vonsmink1 says:

    Yup been dealing with glitches for weeks…and i got a Mac. I call it "The Electronic Mind Fuck" I don't do Porn sites and shit so it's not that. I have often fantasized about launching this thing in a Bonfire. Fuck Big brother.

  8. dirtydogdwc says:

    spybot anti beacon

  9. Identitees says:

    They don't need to spy on you, your telling them all they need to know in your own videos…real smart

  10. chaseme81871 says:

    I remember the continuous pop ups for free windows 10, I almost clicked it. thank god i didn't. COVER YOUR WEBCAM WITH ELECTRICAL TAPE! AND ALSO DISABLE YOUR MICROPHONE. But to be quite honest they wouldn't want to listen in to you very long… lmao fucking fuck fuckity motherfucking shit fucking fuck!!!!!! take it back and get the new one, someone will buy it. have you ever watched the guy with the video about L.E.D home light bulbs and being able to do surveillance with them? i thought the dude was crazy, then it made perfectly good sense when he showed how it is done, AND THENNN i got to thinking, why would the government do a mandatory phase out of incandescent bulbs…. makes you think………………….

  11. chaseme81871 says:

    ccleaner is free. trend micro uses alot of resources.

  12. a number of years ago, I went to work In Russia. Cell phones were still mainly on analogue networks. my work cell phone was digital. I was required to get licence to use it in Russia. the reason? and i shit you not… the russian security services hadnt worked out how to crack the digital networks!

  13. Surfview says:

    I turned my computer on this morning and my Windows 7 splash screen that comes up before the wallpaper – was a screen that had CHEMTRAILS on it. It's bad enough that 6/7 of the week the skies are painted in CHEMTRAILS, but now they rub it in our faces on our computer screens. It makes sense in a way, Bill Gates, the Johnny Appleseed of sterilization and toxic vaccines for The Committee of 300's CLUB OF ROME, are the same evil forces killing us from the sky with their CHEMTRAILS.

    Hopefully, President Trump will "MAKE AMERICA'S SKIES GREAT AGAIN – by BANNING CHEMTRAILS".

  14. That's WHY I'm OLD SCHOOL FOR OLD SCHOOL SHIT ! God bless you my brother for the truth !

  15. Get a new computer by all means, but when I got a Windows 8.1 pc, I got rid of it and put 7 on it. Same with a Win 10 pc, I don't want that shit that I can't control. Nobody can access my cam or microphone, and fuck the cloud too. They can shove their nwo, illuminati facist police state. Fuck them. I'm not playing.

  16. spunkypuddin says:

    buy used on ebay , no prob

  17. They installed win 10 on my laptop without my asking,at night,when I was asleep.None of my guitar recording drivers were there.Moinths later I can finally record again,couple months ago,I got a message someone was hacking my account from US,Im in UK.Took laptop to clever friend who wiped it clean,he also permanently deactivated mic and camera.I use a different browser now,one that keeps me safe.I am also very pissed off.Whores sending me hangouts invites!I dont use it!I am awake.

  18. realtaur says:

    If you C Clean at least do not Bragg about it!!!!!

  19. David Loest says:

    Pete, this'll get you the old Vista style Start menu back on a new computer.

  20. Sal OC says:

    That's why I only run Linux.

  21. dell is the best easy to work on

  22. i love vista i use avast and mail ware anti mail ware

  23. Ethan Bolen says:

    i like the video.. but. not the swearing haaa

  24. hey dude nobody ever tell you that they way you talk is very toxic watch water documentry im not hear to tell you how to talk just it did me alot of good so i feel my dudty to inform others

  25. Try AVG for your security.

  26. Email doesn't work anymore.(at least  not the way it used too). I guess you have to buy Office.

  27. Welcome to Windows 10!

  28. Tim Woods says:

    hea my friend Pete,I to use vista has been very reliable, maby to much so.

  29. thank you for sharing dude I believed you, now I Will fucking opened my eyes thanks dude appreciate your videos and info.

  30. Gary Koons says:

    you don't realize how awful cussing sounds until you stop using those kinda words. just makes you sound trashy

  31. Nick 1989 says:

    vista sucks anyway why would you want it? it's like the worst os micrtosoft has ever made, it takes 2 gigs just to run it whereas 7 takes 1, xp etc xp is even better than vista way better

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