Illuminati ..NWO..Freemasons for Dummies!


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  1. for dummies!! crack up

  2. Michael Jackson is returning to HIS throne shortly. I am clairsentient. I behold his spirit. XXX

  3. Gander Stein says:

    The one word you can't say without the shit hitting the fan, is Jew. That's not by accident.

  4. People constantly try to put the Vatican into this group which is not only erroneous, it plays right into the hands of the NWO. They know that the Catholic Church is the biggest threat to derailing their plans. This is why they infiltrate it and undermine it at every turn. Be suspicious of anyone promoting this. They know that they have the financial and military spheres of control are locked up and are beyond our control. The last one is The Universal Catholic Church that Christ said would never fall. It won't fall but you will if you abandon it. 

  5. wonder fag says:

    Did i just see the lunesta commercial?

  6. joestan77y says:

    I truly believe only a select few were chosen by God to what is really going on. Most can't handle the truth. They call us conspiracy nuts. Most minds can never comprehend this information. Dumb downed more with each generation as planned.

    It amazes me as to the garbage that people find interesting these days. They are ZOMBIES. Must follow these 'stars' on twitter. WHY? Zombies have no life. They must live it through others, real or perceived. Jerry Springer? Wrestling? "Reality' shows? Oprah?  TV, Phone ZOMBIES! Hypnotized into never turning their phones or TV's off. It makes them feel "important". I honestly can't stand being around these dummies. Problem is…they are EVERYWHERE. 

    I keep my sanity by searching for truth on the illuminati INTERNET until they shut it down. Right now it's a very useful propaganda and surveillance tool for them.

    They will win for now as it says in the Bible, but WE will be victorious in the LAST BATTLE! Keep up the great work. Those of us with "eyes to see" know you are truth.

  7. People who think a group of people controls your life, are morons. Seriously!!! David Icke is a fucken idiot and Mozart was a Free Mason, he made great music.

  8. I'm here because of recently reading a biography concerning a man who was a high level Mason and it touched only lightly on his abilities to use his mind: to see into the future among other things. I DO believe many of the things you speak of here: For instance, many of the so-called conspiracy theories are well-documented and known by most of us to be real. I'm not too sure about all presidents coming from a certain blood line, look at FDR who the $$ interests did everything in their power to destroy. And JFK was killed for one reason because he was attempting to reign in the power of the CIA. Anyone with half a functioning brain knows we will never know the full story of who orchestrated 9/11.

  9. fidelssn689 says:

    What is worse Ignorance or Apathy? The Answer: I don't know and I don't care! To show this look at the Last Republican debate in August 2015! The spoke for hours and said nothing! No one spoke one word about the over $20 Trillion Dollar National Debt.

    Yet the next morning everyone was talking about Mr. Trump and the possibility that he spoke about the commentators monthly cycle!  No one spoke about the possibility of WW3, South China Sea or Ukraine! The Brain Dead Grass eating non researching Public ate it all up! 

    The Joke-a-Media tells the people who can or will win! the people listen and Vote for whom the Joke-a-Media tells them who will win without one second of Research! Folks voted for a person who they could not even pronounce His name and never heard of this person! Why? The Media said Vote for a Winner and they did! Mr. Obama is now President of the United States after being in the Senate for less than 2 years! 

    Junior Senator to President in 2 years!

  10. fidelssn689 says:

    We get 30% of the people to show up and Vote and wonder why things are the way thing are! We Vote for the same Criminals year after year without one second of research and wonder why things never change? We are distracted by the stupidest of things like Miley Cyrus with a wardrobe malfunction and pay not one bit of attention to what is important like the $20 Trillion Dollar National Debt! 

    It is August 13 2015 and the NFL season has started with Pre-Season games! Soon College Football will start ! Time to turn off the brain and watch some football! Time for Congress and the Elite to pass Laws taking away our Rights, right in front of our Eyes! Sorry, not right in front of our Eyes, we will be busy watching Football!

  11. CsFF4U says:

    Union = Collective of people driven by a common goal……..NOTHING new

  12. Jorge Lopez says:

    omg is this real

  13. GrandDan0is says:

    I'd like to know how we know that the presidents are related to the royalty of the ancient egyptians, source please.

  14. craxd1 says:

    Right off, it says that conspiracy theorists are ridiculed and silenced, then it shows Kennedy shot. As far as I know, Kennedy was not a conspiracy theorist. He made a speech about communist infiltration in the US.

    The internet allowed hoaxters and true nutters access to the multitude of other computer users, along with those who tell the truth.

    The video keeps showing the eye, or the Eye of Providence, which happens to be a religious symbol, used by the Catholic and Anglican church, which Freemasonry, later, adopted. The Eye of Providence was put on the reverse of the US Great Seal, by a non-Mason. The entire design was by this same non-Mason, and the Latin inscription is always mistranslated.

    1) Cite your source for the ruling bloodline.

    2} Cite your source for the allegation that all banking and money is ran by the UK crown.

    3} Your sources, (that you show), which says that Washington DC is a sister state to London or the "crown", are totally incorrect. The Vatican was made the way it is, now, when the Vatican states were taken away by Italy. It is its own country. The US government is set up the way it is, because of similarities to the UK government, using common law, however royalty and nobility are against the law in the US. There are too many differences to mention, between the two. As a matter of fact, the US government fought against using banks until the early 20th century, until Wilson. You, being from the UK, may not understand this, evidently. Both sources you show are considered by the scholars to be 'conspiracy theories', by far. Corporations are as old as ancient Sumeria.

    4) Cite your source about Weishaupt and Rothschild. The Illuminati used the Owl for its main symbol, not the Eye of Providence.

    5) Cite your source, that states that the original Illuminati is still around today.

    6) Cite your source, that says that the Illuminati owns the World Bank and the Federal Reserve.

    I agree that the banks are running the way they are, and yes, they are getting richer, but any connection to the Illuminati, which died with Weishaupt, is a fallacy. Also, you mention Freemasonry, in the title, however, Freemasonry was responsible for stopping the Illuminati, along with the Jesuit infiltrators. Freemasonry has never had any ties to the Illuminati. Weishaupt joined Freemasonry, to copy it's ritual, and to try to recruit members, which he did, about eight or ten of them. One of those, Adolph Freiherr Knigge, turned on Weishaupt, and brought the truth of their organization back to Freemasonry, where it was duly reported to the Bavarian government.

    Though a few bankers may be Freemasons, the majority are not, and have never been over the years. Poor Ditch Diggers are members too.

    It would do you well to actually read scholarly books on the subject of the history of the Freemasons, the US, and the Illuminati, along with banking.

  15. Looked like an attempt at MKUltra to me. I shut it off asap an almost immediately stop watching the video. Good luck anyone who watches this. I shut it off at 1:48

  16. tunaamini uwezo mkubwa

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