Illuminati Pizza Party | Pizzagate Psyop & The Fake News Agenda


My thoughts and opinions on #pizzagate based on my observations. You don’t have to agree. Vlog Channel: Facebook: …


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  1. The pedophilic symbolism that can be found in the movie Dolls filmed 1987 is quite disturbing.

  2. Rico D says:

    what isnt a psyop being used to censor the internet? I get what your saying buy you provide no alternative course of action. your acting like flat earth psyop proponents. are you saying we should drop the pizzagate investigation which enables pedophile or are you saying to tread lightly? as far as alex jones being disinformation your correct but he has ceased investigation into the subject for the same reason you have so apparently you and alex jones arent very different?

  3. L Clark says:

    I have a problem with him calling some of the news fake news that is real news. A person could not listen to the main media because they were and still are in the dems pockets. I did listen to Fox because they seemed to be the only ones that were telling us what was going on around the world and in our own Nation. Kinda odd when they talk about spirit cooking that went a long with pizzagate, I watched a woman floating in this dark matter and someone came up and was eating from it? Video is pretty hard to disprove. What about the little girl's account about being abducted by these guys? what about the past accounts of people bringing up information about what took place in secrecy and were rushed from the scene and shut down? I looked that one up too and was shocked in what I found. I almost feel like this post is the fake news trying to control us once more.

  4. 100% Behind you here! Shared!

  5. right on with your video, as we look at history we see they are doing the same as they did before both world war's, have tried for over 30 years to wake people up,but have found that people will not believe anything that makes them look like a fool,keep up the good work,

  6. Just shows how dumb and blind people are that they won't believe you, the sickness off children sex has been in government for ever!!! Also it's been known, everything evil does is planned and thought out.liked the video it's just happens to be the truth for those who doubt.

  7. Eris Tiamat says:

    Your videos are the best. This is why I'm subbed to you.

    David Seaman "Semen" his name and the video with the click bait image of the girl with the coin in her mouth about Bitcoin was what made me stop watching him. It exposed him for me.

    And Alex Jones, I suspected. Anything that seems like the same old crap which was what was happening in 2007 when I was slowly waking up was the same old shit over and over again. Nancy Grace and Anderson Cooper the pooper scooper. When it's the same shit over and over again is when I start to question things. Next News Network any affiliates with Infowars I suspect they're only covering HALF of the real news.

    Doing some digging, I began to believe pizza gate was a psyop. Though the truth is there in plain sight. I do believe it's true and also a psyop. Pedophilia and Satanic Jews being around for a long time.

    It's horrible. I get so very hungry for pizza anytime I watch these pizzagayte videos lol

  8. Jehv Thore says:

    ### Remember the Pizza Hut flat earth commercial a few months ago well before this pizza gay't?? It's called predictive programming and well that little green alien sure looked like a diminutive child like being, just saying ###

  9. Darth Xenu says:

    Let me know when you guys find some actual evidence. I'd love to see Hillary behind bars.

  10. Scott Gordon says:

    this guy sounds like he is helping it cover up

  11. Gthing One says:

    fuck off….and i mean eternally..

  12. mcgeufer says:

    Witch Hunt, the most favored hobby of all good Patriots.

  13. Tira Faison says:

    ODD Reality, have you ever seen the film The Neon Demon? I would be interested in your take. ..

  14. More like David Semen there was a legit incident of a pizza shop here prostituting kids and selling CP they got shut down few years ago by the police.

  15. mynamehere45 says:

    I always felt there was something off about this. Pushing the dangers of fake news along side this just didn't add up right.

  16. if they say Fake News, it means they got us, IT'S TRUE.

  17. Mr M says:

    and he was 100% right

  18. Hey ODD how do you feel about 179 David Semen Swallower fans disliking this video so far?
    Keep up the hard work dude.

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