illuminati Programming – Kids React to Presidential Election 6+6+6 Days to Election GMA BUSTED!


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  1. Terrific video! Thanks

  2. The so called Illuminati clan isn't real. It's a conspiracy theory that everyone knows about. The Jews and bankers are the ones who are in charge of it; deceiving people (like making USA appear like a democracy when it is in fact an oligarchy or dictatorship).

  3. Monkey Nutz says:

    its brain training …brain washing is to clean the brain of all the lies it was trained to believe nice video

  4. Sandra Ellis says:

    brainwashing parents!!!!!

  5. TJTAMPA2000 says:

    Well explained, well laid-out.

  6. Swiss Knight says:

    All scripted to kill their own parents!

  7. Sei Martins says:

    Wow … This is revelation

  8. Sei Martins says:

    Wow … This is revelation

  9. Involving children with these subjects is abuse. They're not capable of making a determination on their own without their parents telling them. These things shouldn't be any of their concern.

  10. I'm certain these are child actors, paid by Clinton like all the others!

  11. MARK1212WHY says:

    "honest open and very wise" strahan (or whatever his name is) is an evil pos.

  12. 1956Caddy says:

    Corrupted children.

  13. for the unawake they do agree this is real. This is how brainwashing works.

  14. this is the mainstream media mocking the masses.

  15. wow this blew my mind.
    Great Video Controversy

  16. Kianna Potts says:

    Wow!! The Gun control laws? The 2nd amendment?? Really?

  17. ANGEL ATLAS says:

    this makes me think about how they made cards for black or white color.
    black: bad
    history repeating its self with different subject matter.
    made history with black president and look where that got us even though i know he is a puppet. Hillary won't make a difference.
    Another gun control method with kids amazing im not surprised.

  18. ANGEL ATLAS says:

    oh yeah not to mention the brother ware a dress on the jimmy kimmel show the eww skit.

  19. They're really too young to understand at eighteen why, because of all the video games and movies that they have consumed through out their lives. We as Americans have all been brainwashed by television, the main media and our so-called government. It's all apart of satan's plan for the human race to take their eyes off of Jesus Christ. GOD Almighty loves man-kind, but the devil hates and loathes You!! That's why sin seems fun. he wants to kill, steal and destroy you.. and see your soul in hell. People don't play into satan's hands. Why do you think that most everyone is against Christians? It's because he despises Us why? Because we care for you like Jesus Christ does and do not want to see you go to hell. Think about it, we Christians proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, we Never force it upon you. We will just pray for you if you refuse our Gospel, not behead you. We don't try to brainwash you either. It's your choice, and yours Alone, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and life, and the Only Way to Heaven when you die, but He won't force His Salvation upon you, it's your choice and always has been. Read His Word for yourself and see that He loves you. Start in the book of Matthew and read on as much as you like, because it's your decision, nobody's making you do it. Jesus waits on you to call out His Name for Hope and help. Soul Salvation… Love ya

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