Illuminati Puppets In Hip Hop – Satanism/Devil Worship Documentary


Including some of your favourite artists All clips and music used in accordance with the Fair Use Act Support Us On Patreon. Your help will be greatly …


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  1. Plz support my channel as I have some idiot who is disliking all my videos maliciously using multiple accounts. SMH

  2. great channel, keep up the good work!

  3. eyeOOsee says:

    Very revealing recording!

  4. that dj whoo kid clip was pretty interesting, haven't seen that before, wish he would have gone into more detail still, great work!

  5. Support Us On Patreon. Your help will be greatly appreciated!! –

  6. werweatthen says:

    Great video, didn't know about these clips before. Why can't ppl see how corrupt this music/entertainment industry is? Yet they defend artists that give em nothing in return

  7. Dj quik the evil bastard

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