PURITAN PICTURES 2 the illuminati antichrist beast system is all around us the occult like to communicate through signs …


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  1. wow! So I've been doing a lot of research on this Illuminati cult. and what I realized is its mark on literally everything in this world I'm a practicing Christian and I have a six pack fitness bag and one day out of nowhere it dawned on me that this bag has the devil's number planet all over it it has six on the front six on the shoulder strap of the bag and then 6 on the backside of the bag so 666 and then even on the Tupperware containers and has 6 on each of them there's three Tupperware containers that has six on each of them so 666 twice and it even has the all seeing eye so I'm wondering what should I do with this information am I supposed to throw everything away that I have that has that or or what I just don't know

  2. So having a simple "triangle" as used in mathematics and/or as a pyramid logo, is now viewed as a satanic pyramid??? I don't think so. For example, I doubt logos from "Valvoline" is satanic. A star of the U.S. Military is satanic??? Come on, this is reductions now.

  3. Panda Bear says:

    There are symbols and numbers everywhere.

  4. I know this is long, and I apologize for that. I hope you stick through this, please give me a chance here, as I have looked at some of you're stuff on this channel and given you a chance. I really don't want to say you're core beliefs are wrong. Look, you're Catholic, you believe highly in your religion, and yeah, there is some propaganda out there going on in every country, including our own. I can't comment much on the Freemasons, it's pretty much agreed on that although we don't know much about them, they are still around, and we really don't know much about them, as they are very secretive. And, hey, provided you give them money, anyone can join, without having any clue as to what they are really joining. But, the same can be said for many major secret organizations, both of questionable intentions, and noble ones (like MENSA, that for the highly intellectual people in the world…. yeah, for a donation you too can join. Trust me). Even the Better Business Bureau is a for-profit, where by not paying for an official rating only guarantees your company a C rating, and until you cough up the money, no matter how shady you're company is, they will gladly give you, and keep you at, at least a B. And that's stated right on their home page.

    So, does shady stuff go on in companies? Absolutely. Do even the most wonderful of non-profits designed to help out people with noblest intentions line their pockets and do some shady practices, oh yeah. Is what I am about to say apply to every company on the list, of even American companies? Absolutely not. Do I think you're stupid, ignorant, wrong, and shutting out other possibilities entirely? Not really. I will say you do have some facts wrong, and I'm not insulting you here, I'm going to educate a little. You want to be careful not to go down a slippery slope and/or apply pop-culture Hollywood pseudo-facts to prove in argument, as it does then discredit everything you say. So please, give me a chance here, and again, it's long. I'm wordy.

    You're reading too much into symbols, here. Pyramids appear all over the world, not to mention a perfect easy way to make logs when computers and digital logos were first able to be created. But, mathematically, they are easy to draw freehand, and studying art of the Renaissance periods were often used as the way our more famous painters created depth and 3-D like effects, long before this was a thing. They have been around since the Greeks, actually even before, but the Greeks being the great mathematicians they were, some our major math equations started via studying pyramids, and triangles. The Egyptians were another culture way advanced then the others around them (even known to perform brain and eye surgeries) and, those Pyramids you see were actually based on an equation they "invented". Pi.

    And really, it's not like a company has never seen something cool in the days of antiquity and said, "Hey, let's use that." Happens all the time. Mazda car company thought the name Mazda was cool, it's the name of an old God from the Phelophenitians (sic). They aren't that religion, and admittedly, the founder said he was aware of the where the name came from, and said it sounded like a cool name for his company. Old symbols of antiquity have been used as propaganda (the swastika being a symbol of peace in Celtic culture used as a brand by the Nazis). The point is, plenty of companies have used Egyptian hieroglyphics that look cool, names that sound cool, and other pictures and languages throughout history into their logos. They aren't copyrighted, and can tie into whatever it is they are selling quite nicely.

    You have your facts about the Illuminati and Satanism all wrong. I mean, really wrong. You're read up on you're pop culture and Hollywood spread ideas of it, which may have started somewhere in the advent of film. But Hollywood goes for what looks good, and sells, not fact. And I think it's something we can all agree on. So, here are some facts that aren't disputed by historical documents and research.

    Illuminati existed (and believed to have largely been disbanded) WAY BEFORE Satanism was coined by any particular group. Okay, now, sure, the Illuminati may have had some wild parties and rumored sacrifices, and yes, our early Presidents and forefathers have been known to partake in them (Thomas Jefferson was a known presence in the Hell Fire Caves). Kings, Queens, and other nobility even during the crusades were part of this group, and since they had ultimate power, it is widely rumored that the Illuminati were Christian based. People were dying for these beliefs during war, and being interrogated via torture for Gods sake, in the name of the Illuminati. They were more like the French Musketeers then anything else, and were some of the most educated people in the land, and included Popes, Saints, Royalty, and our damn presidents. It is highly possible that the Jesuits (Pope's army) sprung from the Illuminati. Basically, this country was founded on their principals, laws were made to reflect them, and possibly there are true refinements of them out there.

    Satanism was actually a racist term used to describe atheists. Well, actually it was also used to describe Wiccans, Muslims, Slaves, Jews, artists who painted images of Christ (illegal in the middle ages), anyone who looked at the world scientifically (you know, maybe meat didn't create flies as it rotted as some miracle of God, but actually some how the rotting meat on the ground may attract larvae… yea, to say that was a sin punishable by torture), just disagreed with something little the Pope or King said, or anyone who didn't believe in Christ and follow blindly. When they finally founded the movement officially in the late 1800s in what is now modern day Germany, (you know, now that the whole burning at the stake fad was over) they decided since most people considered atheists as Satanic worshipers, why not turn that negative into a positive? So they kept the term. They actually don't believe in Satan, because they don't believe in any God, positive or negative. Oh, and by the way, they didn't come out with any real radical stuff. Believe it or not, a lot of the terminology of the Satantic document is found in other religions, including other Christianity. Ever say, "My body is my temple, and I will treat it right by not doing this or that??" Yeah buddy, that's "Satanic". They also believe that because the body is a temple they should do things that are pleasurable without guilt that Christianity makes you feel (all that sin and repentance stuff). They do have rules of course. Real Satanists today would agree more with the lifestyle Kanye West and the Kardashians then they would with this Illuminati Satanism you see today. They value highly in education and health, as anything that makes the body and mind better is part of their mantra. They also would agree with what you are doing, spreading the word about inconsistencies of culture and subliminal brain washing. Of course, they are all for anarchy in the sense of this anti-authority and some of their morals are a little questionable. So, I'm not saying they are right. But, the Satanism you are referring to, with the Illuminati and extreme Satanism worshiping the dark underloard and sacrifices? Well, no. While maybe the Illuminati in the days of antiquity believed in it, in those days human and animal scarifies were a bit…well… normal, so we can't blame them for that. Since real Satanists believe in the sanctity of the human body, they are against human sacrifices (unless that's how you get your jollies, but it would have to be consensual between both parties). And they aren't sacrificing animals. Why? THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN SATAN, OR GOD, so who are they sacrificing to? As far as these Hollywood Satantic Illuminati worshipers, real Satanists are laughing right along with us. They are against everything Satanism is about. And the propaganda that real Satanists want you to believe is the fact that you are taught by culture and Hollywood to believe that is what they stand for. There's you're conspiracy. Hollywood tells you what it is, and you believe it hook, line, and sinker, instead of doing a brief Google search. And they are sure you are one of those people who go to the BBB to complain about a scam company you do business with, reading all the other complaints, sometimes thousands of them, while the BBB still gives them that shiny "A" rating. (Not saying that's you, personally, but that's the conspiracy).

    Quick note, another thing most religions agree on, that appear even in the Bible:"I come from the Earth, to go back into the Earth," and the Circle of Life stuff (where our bodies then go feed the earth and the animals in it). All Satanic.

    Wow, sorry that was so long.

  5. JEANA MOORE says:

    It blows my mind how many companies are owned by devil worshippers.
    How does that happen???

  6. Cea Aguirre says:

    Wow, I never knew there were so many.

  7. Christianity is the stupidest and most bullshit religion to ever exist. They call everything satanic despite not being that, plus they keep citing God or the Bible as proof. That's very outdated information.

  8. What really gets me, is the lack of knowledge in theology… Believe what you want, it's your natural born right to. However, christianity was born from paganism, paganism was born from a predecessor, etc. Going by hidden history, "primary/contemporary/predominate" religions cycle with the astrological eras…

  9. 666 likes its true ?

  10. fireflymarx says:

    I just gotta say it

    I believe the word you meant to use was ssssssymbolism

  11. the U.S Military star is a symbol of complete unity of America. don't even say the stars on the flat represent Illuminati. I'll have to slap a ho…

  12. symbols are neither good or bad. but a religious fanaticism even towards Christianity is never healthy.


  14. Rurali says:

    I'm an athiest and I don't believe in any religion not the 'devil' but this is still worrying as people can actually be this evil

  15. Michael L. says:

    people will always find a way to create evidence for the things they wanna believe… now lets all calm down and remember that life is a gift…. im pretty sure anything can be solved over a stack of pancakes or a milkshake

  16. triangle = illuminati

  17. any random eye = illuminati

  18. Jay Selvig says:

    triangle in a logo? Illuminati confirmed!

  19. "The Pentagram is associated with witchcraft"
    and also christianity, so…

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