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  1. Veer Jat says:

    You manage to find 13610 idiots to subscribe to your channel. This just gives me hope that I can be really famous if only I tried just a bit harder.

  2. I thought Angelina Jolie had a Double Mastectomy to Prevent or Lessen the Risk for Breast Cancer w/c is in her Family.
    Maybe the Double Mastectomy is part of an Illuminati Ritual.

    Now in Google, an article shows that she had her Ovaries removed as well.

  3. Tracey Onus says:

    She is on a movie set. Blind Freedy can see that l don't like her personally she is a shit mother as well as a shit wife but this is a movie set.

  4. marcus Smith says:

    they have taken her over!

  5. kelly bowen says:

    Proverbs 27:15+=<Angelina Jolie>

  6. alan black says:

    Just curious, where you got the Stat, "1/2 of the people quit initiation bc of the pain"??   Is that a fact from the "Illuminati Fiscal Year End Report"???                                     If you're going to state it like a Fact, you have to be able cite your sources…

  7. I think I'm a little supider for having watched this.

  8. after seeing this Video, I'm surprised she's allowed to keep her children. she's disgusting

  9. Dione Mena says:

    She sounds like she is describing a fetish party…?

  10. Chris Diaz says:

    she just said she like going to a party with people in black and they were all having fucking and sucking like wild hogs

  11. cl2814 says:

    Donald Marshall says Brad parties with illuminaties also.

  12. This is bull, reguardless how many yrs. ago was this… I know he would of known her and her past.

  13. Aso what she said really mad no séance on the matter.. said some things but most is out of cont.

  14. Like Brad doesn't do the same thing. They are probably in on it together from the start.

  15. Connie says:

    I don't believe this shit, but it's Halloween month and I thought it would be cool to hear!

  16. compazine says:

    You'd think you'd appreciate the part where the audio becomes unclear, cause then you could have inserted whole sentences to the audio and subtitle track, instead of just stray words and that guys voice here and there

  17. golondriz3 says:

    yuk, angelina what a loser.

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