Illuminati Servants Trapped in the System


I woke up today and found that one of my older videos has been removed. It was called “Illuminati Music Industry | All Seeing Eye Symbolism”. This is pretty …


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  1. RASIDOOR says:

    Keep doing good . God Loves you and every one else. Bless

  2. They are chosen by many suspected reasons.

  3. I hope you know that YouTube suppresses view likes and maybe even subscribers This happens to 1pacificredwood OC Skywatch and more.

  4. false sense of importance celebs nobody gives a fuck in short term attention syndrome times

  5. Nimmels says:

    We should be praying for these people. It's easy to condemn, but that's not what Jesus would want.

  6. Tubul Cain09 says:

    sad day brother. .. ego got best of you and had to be interviewed by flat nothing and Luke warm mashed potatoes?
    sad day indeed you had to get wrapped up in it. ..
    thanks for your work. ..
    now your done. .. all are after interacting with it. … fake name. no interest in science or facts. just cult of personality. ……… glad you feel better about yourself for being "interviewed"… an important necessity for sure…. interviews. …. out

  7. 1 2 3 says:

    The thing is, that these symbols are used only in western society, so yeah.
    This has nothing to do with PAGAN entities like satan, or does Satan hate Asians and Slavs ?
    There is some cult that is rich and has power, GREAT has to be fucking Satan, because its cult and its secret.

  8. Crow Corner says:

    All seeing eye, 666 satanic hand signal. They relinquish their free will to an unknown entity that more than likely is far less powerful than what they are. But, they get a new car and a new house for it.

  9. JesseJFree says:

    The day should be Earth day , April 22nd of 2016 . The day to take truth of our flat Earth to the next level

    The day google will show us in their silly google box some image of a spinning ball, NASA will release some lie on how they've contributed to the Earth

    And All the World will rise up against them and call them out, all at one time. Post the Flat earth on earth day, April 22 of 2016

  10. Perfect!!
    Yup, a thousand pictures says a million words.

    I forgot what it was like to be 'asleep sheeple'. LOL

  11. justincabell says:

    Cloning centers is what those symbols is all about. It's a warning not to get into these type of things.

  12. man this made me cry for their soul,do they even know what are they doing…?most are just a kids,wtf

  13. fuck, its so fucking obvious. idk how people cant see this shiii. wake up, people!! i was asleep too one day, so i totally understand your hostility, but dont take my word for it and just look into it yourself.

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