Illuminati Significance of Tom Brady Patriots & the Superbowl


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  1. WrathchildNH says:

    what an absolute load of smeg

  2. laura Blood says:

    I am so greatful for you, more than words can say. LB

  3. u are a bumbling buffoon lmao edelman's crucial catch was not some illuminati magic

  4. Bill3168 says:

    Remember it was Super Bowl LI(E).

  5. I heard that their both transgender as are many Illuminati celebrities.

  6. IAM ! says:

    Yeah, and they played the "Eagles" in a Super Bowl also! Talk about patriotism! ?

  7. rascalferret says:

    Patriots definitely sucked in the late 80's until they changed their logo…Now it's their fans that suck.
    They changed their logo in 1993…We had Gulf War1 and Somali civil war in 1991, Iraqi/Kurdish civil war in'94, as time went on more war in the news. But when you look at their W/L stats in the late 90's, they begin to win, and by 2001 they're a big hit. Just something to get behind like a winning football team called the Patriots when you want to topple the few remaining non-Zionist bank countries…bread and circus.

  8. tom brady is a woman and her husband Is a dude. no hips time to tell it like it is. recognize what it is we are looking at.

  9. deni behaj says:

    Qwatter back? First qwatter? Lol

  10. danny j says:

    Now wait a minute. Sure, we all know that the US has gone to wars on lies many times, resulting in millions of innocents murdered. We know the elections are rigged, whether we blame the DNC, Russia or CNN. We know there are false flag and hoax terrorism events seemingly every week lately.

    But rigging the SuperBowl? Now THAT'S a Bridge Too Far. If word gets out, there will be pandemonium, open revolt, blood in the streets…. maybe even lower TV Reality Show ratings.

  11. Lisa Baynham says:

    HOLD ON TIGHT! I love the opportunity to get to the real nitty gritty business.

  12. It has to with the occult and subliminal messaging. At the time I wasn't really paying attention but a few years ago Brady grew his hair to look like a woman probably had something to do with the "gay and transgender movement" that was being given publicity at the time. Here you had the "all-American" quarterback at the pinnacle of the sport and you couldn't tell at first glance if he's a man or a girl. I'm now thinking that was done intentionally to condition people to accept the NWO agenda.

  13. John Doe says:

    it's been rigged since at least 2001. 2001 seemed like the time everyone started catching on about it. The patriot act gave the right for the dhs to create dosier profiles of every american citizen.

  14. RISE UP!!! It's ALL RIGGED!!!

  15. Lucille Ball says:

    I can't stand Tom Brady since day 1…just saying.

  16. Samod Amir says:

    This is Truth everytime the Patriots go or win the Superbowl something happen in America maybe Marshall law Or wwlll the steps are happening during this fast movement of the Trump administration signing this and that with Iran, the travel ban etc. all this is stage cant wait to see the next part of this show, the game is fix in Brandy's favor as it was it was fix in Manning retirement. This could be also first Superbowl tie game in history! Thanks Brother..

  17. James Angel says:

    She has a dick ! He has a pussy !

  18. When I was a young man in the early 60s, I lived in Hartford. I recall there being a strong though small Illuminati movement within the city. They took over the city government and later the state government and now control the entire Northeast. A recent survey done in Hartford revealed that over 90% of it's citizens give their allegiance to the Illuminati. I'm sorry but I have calculated the consonants in your moniker and the words you write and I get '666' and 'I am the beast' hidden in your words. Therefore, it is clear that you are posting  messages to your 'troops (Notice how both Trump's name and 'troops' have three of the same letters in them? That is no accident.) and communicating to them when they are to engage and battle the Lord at Armageddon. I feel it is my duty to watch you and share your hidden messages with law enforcement but God's army will be your real enemy and He will smite thee on THAT day.

  19. Darmok says:

    The false god of the sun has arisen and must cover the nation state with its wings. Ra the Falcon god, the god of the Vatican, the god of wealth, the god of child sacrifice. In Enuma Elish, Gaga is the harbinger of Marduk, the Babylon savior who defeats and slaying the goddess Tiamat–or Syria that has been sacrificed for 6 years now.

  20. Flyer Storm says:

    I can't subscribe to your page any longer because anyone who believes in the Illuminati should also believe in the word of the most high by default. All sciences and practices (even yoga) not given to us by the The Most High are not of him. I feel you are misleading people. Christ is our only salvation.

  21. Michael Deth says:

    Damn, I did not remember that they won after 9/11, and did not notice the connection until I saw this. No such thing as just coincidence….

  22. SSJ Ragnarok says:


    they're terrible at cheating they got caught like 10 years ago. literally more than half the nfl has cheated more than the patriots

  23. Rob H says:

    I like Brady. But no doubt the guy sold out

  24. i can pick items up with my anus ?

  25. Narniak69 says:

    Oh yeah, and the New England Patriots had a MURDERER playing Tight End for their team.

  26. nycbuzz22 says:

    Gisele Bundchen is a man.

  27. Narniak69 says:

    Anyone who watches the National FIXED League closely can see through their scam. There are certain games and key players every week that are clearly in on the take, paid to either not try too hard, to take a dive, or fake an injury. Then there are the NFL's circus clown referees who can't get calls right even with replay, and randomly call holding penalties on either team when it's necessary to shift the game momentum one way or the other. See the new "Concussion Protocol" nonsense. See the Le'Veon Bell phantom groin "injury" in the AFC Championship a couple weeks ago. See the Duke Johnson phantom "fumble" from Week 4. It goes on and on and on.

  28. Hello Sir! What program do you use to create your videos? By the way..I love your content man keep it going!!!!

  29. dawn connors says:

    Watchman of the Harvest does a conglomeration of videos. His newest video has a guy who breaks down Don McClean's "American Pie" and applies it to this year's Super Bowl. Whether you agree or not, it does explain Don McClean's awesome, if nonsensical, song.

  30. Dude, I'm from Bridgeport CT originally. Crazy.

  31. Thank you for your videos.

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