Illuminati songs (Reversed)


This video can tell you all about few years hits Devil creations! Please tell me what video you want me to upload LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. Media Sites …


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  1. Bluefridgee says:

    Illuminati songs (Reversed)

  2. Bacon Kiddo says:

    "you're a son of orgasm you're fat" LOL i'm dead this is bullshit

  3. Ms. Talents says:


  4. wow most of this shit makes more sense backwards…lol….and for u guys wanting to reverse it yourselves there is plenty of free karaoke 2 track rec studio apps..jus download studio app upload song hit reverse then hear the evil

  5. Guys if you play backwards just like that it won't sound like that to make it sound like that they had to tune/make a lot of sound changes in the song and plus this is not fake there's a vid on
    How to do it by urselft


  7. Othilia G says:

    4:49 tbh I would probably listen to that if it was an actual song.. is that bad? Man I've got bad taste in music

  8. Chyra Dixon says:

    is this shit real

  9. i believe the first one

  10. How long did it take to find these??

  11. X Ally says:

    LoL!I'm sad that people believe it!

  12. yacine kadri says:

    100 percent bull shit

  13. yacine kadri says:

    I don't here most of it it's fake

  14. yacine kadri says:

    What's coons Gotta do with illuminati anyway

  15. this is fake e.g. rerolpxe eht arod (dora the explorer backwards) can no way be Hail Satan!

  16. Lamborghini says:

    "Let me in let me in the WAR"
    That annoying player at Clash of Clans

  17. Toxic Ghost says:

    Creepy as sh*t

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