Illuminati Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer – air


Der Soundtrack zum Film Illuminati…von Hans Zimmer


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  1. Yvan says:

    Il y en avait une faite pars GRV qui avait la même air mais qui était tellement mieux au niveau de la projection et de la fantaisie.. A mort les droits d'auteurs

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  3. EN Dinesh says:

    Violin starting from 0:19 is soooooo beautiful… it fills me with melancholic feeling…

  4. Is this piece from Angels and Demons or did i just read ILLUMINATI and confused??

  5. how hans zimmer.. how could u make such masterpeices.. goosebumps..!!

  6. Any brothers in shield ? Templars, rise up. Holy land awaits us!

  7. imrit yaaqub says:

    Trop fort Hans Zimmer! C'est le meilleur.

  8. Awesome sound! Thank you! Like!

  9. hanse Zimmer .. unbeatable.. God of musicians..

  10. Me encanta la música de Hans Zimmer, es maravillosa

  11. BRUCEX BAS2X says:

    1:05 Sounds So Godly And Scary

  12. Zain Hartono says:

    If there is a shadow organisation like how people believe the Illuminati functions, I'd say they'd be nameless. That's how you leave breadcrumbs, that's how you leave clues, by giving names.

  13. 3:10 to 3:20 transitions gives me the goosebumps

  14. JVD FOOTBALL says:

    the best in the world on MUSLIMS

  15. ben mueckel says:

    Hans Zimmer killed it !

  16. gizmorow21 says:

    the red shields game over

  17. Filip Telega says:

    iluminati society helgate open in vatican calm before storm in sedis vacante

  18. MrAnderson says:

    Hanz Zimmer mofos ! Nuff said !

  19. zeeman su says:

    illuminati confirmed

  20. buena music an the you angels and demons

  21. P. Poppy says:

    I'll never feel anything even similar to the things I've felt watching this movie, masterpiece filled with perfection.

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