Illuminati Summer Rituals: NBA Playoffs 2016 Exposed


DO NOT BE FOOLED! EVERY single game, major sporting event, national and international league, etc. is rigged, staged ahead of Time, and controlled by the …


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  1. the number of subscribers u have is illuminati

  2. Ekho says:

    dude this is the funniest fucking thing i have ever seen i honestly cant believe people are this dumb

  3. Prince Witt says:

    lebron made a three so he put up a three

  4. muddcng says:

    I 100% completley agree…1st of all..Lebron was cast for Space Jam 2 months ago…how would he be the star of a movie about a NBA champion if he hadn't won the championship yet? Disney owns ESPN and ABC

  5. TEX ANNE says:

    What can it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?

  6. so every sport is in the illuminati bull

  7. Maaaaaaaaaannnnnn STFU

  8. This is so fake wtf

  9. this shit fake asf lmao

  10. when you don't get drafted

  11. lmfao that 666 is what its about better get to that 616. this is a dumb ass video. these ppl giving u signs but ppl so dumb n scared they don't know. lmfao idiots

  12. trurhunveiled needs to go drink some bleach asap ????

  13. Dawson farr says:

    This? means 3

  14. you a stupid ass truth

  15. what a fckin bullshit.. good laawd.. hahaha

  16. You have to have half a brain to believe this moron!!!! The creator of this video has to be kidding…

  17. Goodness gracious lol While I'm not saying that both James and Curry have done Masonic handshake bull crap…see steph curry and obama "mentor" video. To say that they KNOW the outcomes and rigged this or that is erroneous. Understand the gap….I believe that there are certain people in certain societies without question. However I find it very hard to believe even given the evidence you provided that Klay going R TARDED from the 3 was planned. Or Draymond Hitting 6 straight 3's is rigged. I just do. I really do. I've been an athlete. And you have to practice like they do to do what they do. The illuminati controls every single bounce of the ball and step on the court? Do you understand what you're proposing here? Do they TRY to rig this or that?? Yeah, I can buy that. Are they successful? Not NEARLY as successful as you're trying to portray.

  18. You literally know nothing about life. Nothing. I mean you know a little, but the LITTLE that you know you should keep to yourself and search for deeper levels of truth. Seriously. I PREDICTED THAT THE CAVS WOULD WIN THE DAMN SERIES WHEN THEY WERE DOWN 3-1!!!! My homie BET GAME 5 and 7 and WON! So how is it that I KNOW and it's rigged? I'm not in the illuminati. I'm not a Satan worshipper. So how'd I know? You're not even using ALL of your mental faculties. Some, absolutely, but no where near all of them. It's not hard work?? What exactly do you do for a living and have you achieved everything you've hoped to in life?

  19. deven khanna says:

    bullshit all the

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