Illuminati Summer Rituals The Cloning Agenda Exposed


Please watch: “CHARLOTTE MAN SHOT PT1 LIVE” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


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  1. Zmi Benyamin says:

    Beyonce is not a clone. am sure your photo dont look the same as it did just 5 short years ago…..Boy pleeez

  2. Zmi Benyamin says:

    so annoying……geeeeeezzz us

  3. Cindy Oteri says:

    Right in front of people's face. And they still don't see

  4. Zmi Benyamin says:

    +Cindy Oteri thnx 4 your insight. its just frustrates when people come up with all this hoopla without real PROOF!! any picture can be photo chopped…so pics are not real proof…people change. they lose or gain weight. they have surgery. they wear make up. lighting plays a part too. anything can alter a picture. Thats just not enuff. cant fall for anything that sounds good having itchy ears. If u state it then prove it.

  5. isis aint know devil

  6. this guy believes everything

  7. You are right my sister…..God warns us in Revelations… not to accept the mark in you're right forehand .. Which is not here yet… U will not be able to buy sell or trade without it… It also says not to accept the mark in your forehead which is MK Ultra…. if you accept any of these….. it is the mark of the beast and you will surely see death and not heaven….Jesus will not return until there is one church one money and one government on this planet as the scriptures say…. so the people complaining about this must not know Jesus or they just don't care…. you better check yourself before you wreck yourself… you're all in my prayers !! Have a blessed day !! 🙂 Jesus is Lord !!

  8. ElderAHolmes says:

    Many of these celebrities had no idea what they were signing when they signed their contracts. I don't believe that these celebrities are apart of a secret society but are being exploited by some ruthless and evil people. For fame/fortune, they have signed their life away. STop giving these celebrities so much credit. They are puppets, some knowingly/willing and others are in too deep.

  9. 'cloning' lol, ok. Maybe you should call it oxidizing, AKA AGING you fucking retard.
    fuck that picture of chris browns reflections though, fucking straight smoking gun proof there man

  10. Lisa M says:

    Kanye didn't show you clones he showed you the real people in a sleep stasis the clone singing in that video showed you the real people in a deep stasis (sleep) those sleep were the real Kanye and the real Cosby the real Taylor all of them in deep stasis sleep

  11. Lizzie Sangi says:

    This is lame. Show some pics and point out differences, show pics of the clones in the tubes, the beakers and life size glass containers……..these are in other cloning vids. One of the best cloning vids, imo, has BERNIE MAC as the thumbnail. There were 1 – 3 good cloning vids I saw but they seem to be MIA, now

  12. Zayes 216 says:

    do you have to repeat everything you say and like someone had said ?in the comment below they are different pics and I am sure you don't look the same from 5 years ago from 5 years ago (lol see what u did their ) the first pic yeah its different her eyebrows are thicker then the other two with makes me think I just saw a pic from 5 years ago my hair was longer (gasp)I am in the illuminati. dude find something that you can pull facts from and show the facts don't just try to pull facts from you as otherwise if it smells and look like shit it must be.

  13. ADRIAN says:

    I believe things are not as they seem but I do not believe we can clone. On that note, I do think our celebrities and important officials have handlers with key words and instructs them to say or act a way. I do believe in demons and that is a huge part of the weird eyes- the eyes are the window to our soul!! We have hologram technology so it would be easy to have people, real people and then 3-D the famous faces in Kanyes video. I just dont think we are THAT smart for human cloning. ….

  14. angie vara says:

    Here in UK we had a series called Humans, it was about people being turned into robots. The second series is coming this year but USA wont get it until 2017.

  15. Sherry F says:

    Cloning is also in video games, movies and tv series . Orphan black is all about cloning 

  16. Aimee Barnes says:

    Oh shut the fuck up and get on with the story

  17. ummm Beyonce had a fuller face maybe from having birthed a child, she had a nose job, and also is 20 years older! do u look the same way u looked 20 fuckin years ago?! highly doubt it

  18. Yahawashi says:


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