Illuminati Symbolism: It’s Everywhere


songs is New Planet Buy By So Out There. This symbolism is a slap to the facial area for the folks of the entire world. A handful of elitists infect the technique with these symbols as very well as firms and each individual day solutions. I’m not saying that none of these are coincidence as some of them very likely are, I am just begging the query, are they deliberate? Up coming time you occur throughout these occult symbols ask by yourself, why is this currently being plastered all more than the entire world by rich firms and currently being shown by the elite.


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  1. OMG celine dion? grabe pati ikaw

  2. 1:09 Holy shit 911 the twin towers

  3. i hate how people go for the devil..the devil is a piece of shit…i go for god..the real boss

  4. There is nothing we can do to stop them it's all in gods hands

  5. damien Smith says:

    GH W. Bush saying new world order.

  6. Edenvs John says:

    Yeah, the Illuminati or the Vatican CIA have taken over every large corporation but that is not it. What happens is that the military will turn whole areas, like a town or a region into a giant undercover fema camp. They take over, not only the local police and government but also all stores, walmarts, costcos, car dealerships, and then put undercover military personnel to work there. The real people – who live in the area – have no idea that this has happened until itโ€™s too late. After moving in, the military will deploy radio frequency weapons on the populace, go after anyone they consider a threat and kill them. I discuss the reasons why, on the playlist entitled: Satanic Ritual Sacrifice Locations.

  7. Uh… so drawing a five pointed star over the Pentagon confirms what exactly…. that it is possible to draw a five pointed star over a pentagon…. well I'll be damned…. mind boggling. Geometry is so evil. I'll go watch Supernatural now.

  8. Ohh man we are fucked!

  9. REP - A63 says:

    First illuminati video i saw

  10. Trever Karen says:


  11. Trever Karen says:


  12. Ava Dent says:

    the signs are everywhere people are just ignorant as heck

  13. VlogConvos says:

    This is one of the stupidest comment sections I've ever read.

  14. snoblessie says:

    You people have so much fantasy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Random Stuff says:

    bunch of BULLSHIT! !!

  16. I hate Illuminati I hate it foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr ever

  17. I know it's symbolism is everywhere and could be a next door neighbor. I just think this could have had less music and a little more talking.

  18. like google and youtube they said it's illuminati then why are you using it!

  19. uuhhmm.. so if you do that signs or symbols so you are illuminati already???!! ..

  20. Cromlech616 says:

    I noticed that next to your subscribe button (scribe being an ancient jewish record keeper) is a white and red PYRAMID! It is white and red, to symbolism aryanism (white) and blood (red).
    You even have 17,778 (777 being the REAL number of the beast) subscribers (ancient jewish record keepers)

  21. Everything that is a triangle, or can be made into a shape of a triangle is illuminati.

  22. Kill says:

    1012 ppl was responsible for the paris attack

  23. Hayini says:

    I'm here for the music

  24. It's called the "Barnum effect" marketers have been using way before the music industry started using it, it helps them sell, it's an interesting psychological phenomenon.

  25. Jon Gladden says:

    EASTCOAST FLOOD, COMING.!!!!! GET OUTTA, FLORIDA, NORTH CAROLINA (Go up to Appalachians) Va Bch, Va, Nyc, and Washington, D.C.. All "will be" UNDER WATER!! Millions Will Drown, Florida, Move Now!!!!

  26. Jon Gladden says:

    Friends: Gooo to Timestamp 3:26 – Illuminati playing Cards, Tsunami Nuke, Eastcoast Flood that They Says, Gonna be ab Asteroid!!! B.S., B.S., B,S.,,,

  27. y porque una piramide? habeis visto los cabeza conos? pues por eso

  28. El triangulo illuminati es la piramide de Keops, el ojo dentro del triangulo simboliza la estructura geometrica de la construccion (por lo menos interna) de la gran piramide, de sus camaras y galerias, basada en el numero aureo (por eso tambien el sol que siempre sale), la estructura geometrica de la gran piramide tiene esa forma, como de ojo y el ojo sobre la piramide debe simbolizar su constructor. Asi de sencillo.

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