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  1. LiLBlossom says:

    Ya, I'm pretty sure the flower power hippies from the 60's-70's didn't realize the "peace" signs (hats, t-shirts, necklaces) were Satanic. For that matter, I had a boyfriend who gave me a peace sign necklace and it was all taken at face value very innocently. Satan has taken away all of this innocence and beauty like the butterfly. It's sickening. :((

  2. The Vulcan hand sign that Leonard Nimoy is giving is a sign of blessing by Rabbis. It means Yahweh and is usually done with both hands as they bless the congregation. Leonard Nimoy tells us this anecdote in the film Trekkies.

  3. Good show brother , please pass the word around that Waukegan,Illinois is a FREEMASON strong hold . They have the oldest FREEMASON lodge as a protected landmark . I will be making a video soon to demonstrate social and economic depression . Thank you , and God bless .

  4. PewPewnoob says:

    The are forfeiting their OWN SPIRIT~ SOUL in ETERNITY. This SEASON in the FLESH only last for 80~years [not many of them good on this fallen EARTH]


    Zephaniah 2:11
    "The LORD will be terrible unto
    them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall
    worship him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen"

    Hebrews 10:31
    "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."

  5. PewPewnoob says:

    V also stands for the 5 "I wills" in Isaiah 14:14

  6. Yeaboi30 Ill says:

    Get rid of that intro. I wear earphones so its almost deafening

  7. J says:

    Out of all this… Satan could still be forgiven

  8. Niamh D says:

    Miley Cyrus has such a weird looking tongue

  9. a male witch is called a wizard not a worlock

  10. This is a psychological warfare. The peace sign is no different than the cross, star of David, flower of life, etc. These symbols hold no power over you unless you believe they do, and hats exactly what our goverments do; is condition us to believe and think how they want us to. I'm sorry to those whos lives have been effected by this pestilence.

  11. why is there so many commercials in one video???

  12. wow i never knew this i'm gonna show this to my family

  13. Hildy K. says:

    Thank you for all the research you do to share the truth about this world. God bless you in Jesus Christ. I am happy to see your intro. Just the best and an ongoing reminder.

  14. a c says:

    the "peace" sign means so many things to so many people that it's difficult to tell, you could say the "peace" sign is the perfect cover for indirect symbolism. Think about a photo being a recording of time and it would make sense to believe that the peace sign refers to V for the 5th age and it becomes almost like some time mark in photos. Women and androgynous personas might use it as the sign for Venus or feminine energy, or the Sacred Feminine of which is supposed to be entering. But to me these all carry the same dark vibe, like you said in a previous vid, all symbolism is dark. The peace sign can also be the upsidedown pyramid like a reminder of "as above and so below". But if people want to believe it means world peace well thats exactly what the illuminist are striving for right? just that Christians and other unwanted beliefs won't be apart of that "world". If you want it to mean "victory" then that's the exact same thing as if it were to mean "peace" because "world peace" mean that they were victorious. It's funny now how it's popular for (especially the youth but unfortunately not just) to mock the "peace" sign and cover your face (in shame or hiding) with it almost as to say "yeah peace or whatever I don't care leave me alone" or just blantly turning it physically with your hand and symbolically the internationally known "peace" sign into the all seeing eye which is the exact opposite, slavery. you can argue that the all seeing eye means occult knowledge or whatever but I would say that's slavery because it's a pyramid scheme sense I only see it used in that way. Who puts up the peace sign? I rarely see anyone educated and who's actually working towards peace photographed holding up the peace sign and that's because they don't need to tell people because they show it through their actions. Only the mind controlled hold up the peace sign only the enslaved. Irony at its worst. Sorry for posting the longest comment on youtube.

  15. yeah expose them before Abyss call

  16. I would not shop kanes furniture EVER

  17. Just have to put this out there, it kind of creeps me out. You know the mimicless plastic face of the kardashians, they've all changed their apperences rather drastecly inkl. the "super model" one. Well, she is far from alone…those models they put infront of our childrens faces, so many of them went under the knife before their "big break". Many of them (like the kardashian one) doesnt look human anymore. You can see the same with Trumps wife and daughter, both natural beautiful women, now they look so….fake. Whats scary is that these plastic/fixed faces are becomming the 'new normal'.People cant see trough it anymore, they think its natural, the way its suppose to be, the way youre supposed to look…. As I said, Trumps wife was and still is a beautiful women, but….does anyone see the resamblance of that freak Bruce/Cateline in her, lol or is it just me?

  18. M Be says:

    Miley Sirus so lost

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