Illuminati – The Evolution Deception 1/7



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  1. kingseho says:

    Islam is a farce, go convert to christianity.

  2. @kingseho Who are you trying to convince with your simplistic straw man argument, me or yourself? It must be difficult to maintain such a high level of ignorance.

  3. kingseho says:

    @darcyhouston Why are you trying to sound intelligent? Who are you trying to convince with your high level of stupidity? It's apparently easy for you to keep it up since you're getting dumber and dumber by the second, maybe that iq of 5 might one day "evolve" into 6…lol fucking retard, there is no such thing as pokemon and i never provided a strawman you fucking idiot. There's videos of evolutionists saying we came from "soup" and that our ancestors are apes. Keep trying monkeydumbass

  4. @kingseho What a loser. What a troll. I don't have the time for narrow minded fools who only seek information from sources that agree with their iron age fantasies. Swearing in your reply? Really? I'm the retarded one?
    And yes, my grand father was an ape, and so am I, and so are you…….we all are. Such sad, sad, ignorance.

  5. kingseho says:

    @darcyhouston You're an idiot, maybe your grandpa was an ape considering how stupid you are, you obviously can't understand the vast stupidity behind evolution, you have still provided me with no evidence, i'd be a little more considerate if you admitted it wasn't a sound theory but alas all of you apes are too ignorant to do so

  6. @kingseho Maybe my grand father was an ape? Didn't you even read what I typed to you? I stated that my grand father was an ape! And your grand father was an ape! I am an ape! You are an ape! We are all apes! It's like trying to teach calculus to my dog. Please don't reply to this message. You have nothing to tell me about anything.

  7. kingseho says:

    @darcyhouston LOL You still haven't provided me with evidence(: No I am not those apes you see at the zoos or anything remotely close to them…lol wow you're dumb. I'll be waiting for evidence!

  8. Hitashi son says:

    @darcyhouston take a chill pill little friend 🙂 don't be upset hush now.

  9. bane666au says:

    you can call others stupid if you wish, but you only prove your own stupidity

    i'd tell you to read a book, but it would be to hard with your head up your arse

    this video is lies and horseshit

  10. Em Za says:

    Creationists are dumb.

  11. Warren says:

    Allah is an Arabic word for God, so you just pretty much said that God is the devil.

  12. Andrey Lalev says:

    Considering how selfish and sadistic God is, he might as well be the devil.

  13. Andrey Lalev says:

    I'll pray to the one and only god for your grammar. And that god is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, by the way. I have accepted him in my heart and I'll pray that you do too, poor boy.

  14. Andrey Lalev says:

    So you do agree that Islam is bullshit? I second that. Pastafarianism is the only true religion! I pray for all who have been deceived into believing otherwise.

  15. Pastafarians believe in the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Pastafarians believe in the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  16. You can't be serious about Pastafarianism? Jesus is Lord!

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