This is a long rant about how some of the best researchers are totally caught up in the plan, The red dress has put us back to sleep AWAKE!!!!!!!!


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  1. harley lover says:

    yea brother. i was married once too..we are all entitled to one mistake!! be happy!!!

  2. FreieJagd says:

    Richie, good video. I know you are not keen on the Flat Earth argument right now. However, it ties in to all the other things ocuring. But this is something positive, and Biblical, and can be debated to make people think and hopefully turn people back to Yaweh at a critical time. And ask the right questions. Don't be to super worried about if people are spending too much time on Flat Earth versus the other things going on. Those of us seeking truth can walk and chew gum at the same time, and seperate the forest from the trees. Respectfully though, the Flat Earth is for sure part of the forest. I would only respectfully ask one thing. Think for a second about the positive change that comes from Flat Earth investigation/recognition from more and more people. Questioning the powers that be. Delving back into living in faith and reading/investigating the Bible. Deeper searching for empirical evidence vs theoretical evidence. Just plain more questions left and right amongst people vis a vis the 'what is really going on, and what is real, and what is truth'. Sir, I would respectfully argue that these are GOOD things. And might just bring the Rothschild/Satanic system crashing in on itself. From my end, it has me turning back to Ya in a huge way, and inspiring even more to share with people I know to ask the critical questions. Again, we can follow multiple big picture items and conspiracies and war drums, ect, at the same time, its all good my friend. God bless you and keep doing what you are doing!

  3. FreieJagd says:

    Richie, I am going to take a little bit of a leap of faith and include this video from Jesse. He is on point here and explains the argument a lot better than I can. I will answer why Flat Earth is sticking so much right now:

  4. Hey Bro have a peek at this be righteous 🙂

     Did you know that we are kept in slavery for the illuminated ones enjoyment they live to deceive they chose wealth and power after the truth was given
    they know as long as they keep you in  the mark of the beast you will never see Father and his salvation ! You should have sought Father's kingdom first and learned of him and you would already know why the illuminated ones control us 🙂
    If the mark of the beast is in your forehead and hands; then do you not think maybe Our Father could also have a mark for your forehead and your hand. Forehead meaning how we think here and our hand meaning our works here.
    Our Father who is in Heaven has a mark and it is obedience to the 10 commandments and the regulations for life, Jesus had Father's mark and he taught it to us and that is why he was murdered! Jesus would not have been a conduit for Father's teaching had he not also been a son of Obedience. Jesus was tested and went through cleansing and of course he had a heart for Father from birth, it took me a while but I cried out and fought and studied and finally Father pointed to the obvious :-), listen to Jesus your brother :-). He was murdered for his truth that he shared with all, he had his time then to sow the seeds of righteousness that mark his family 🙂
    A beast counterfeit was created after our dear loving brother was murdered, they made up a new jesus, they made him your god and made it teach lawlessness, for 1500 years they used that beast to control everyone with changed commandments that cannot save anyone, they changed the sabbath and introduced idolatry back in as acceptable but they rules by force by the sword and then they were knocked off their high horse by a new killer named the reformation which took power from rome the harlot  and sent absolute lawlessness out from it and that is modern christianity which is absolutely the opposite from what our Father gave Jesus, it is not even close to our covenant contract given through Jesus!  We have inherited nothing but lies from our ancestors but as Daniel was told knowledge has increased and we can talk all over the world so now we will not have any more excuses, the chosen are waking up and calling out to all of man kind please repent throw out what the illuminati have taught you. The illuminati knew this whole time that they were murdering us by keeping us with the mark of the beast which is lawlessness! This is  because they were taught by Paul the false prophet the man of sin that Father will not turn back and renew the covenant with you if you don't stop sinning, sinning by breaching the 10 commandments  ! Father does not dwell in sin, it is not of him, by ignoring what JESUS TAUGHT WHILE HE WAS HERE ALIVE IN THE FLESH we are freely choosing the mark of the beast and turning down the gift Jesus died to show us 🙂 do you see how much better the living way is, we would all be united under the 10 commandments,  they would be in the Ark of you heart instead of the abomination Paul created the jesus god! It was such a well thought out lie Paul hated us so he was perfect and ha satan kept him alive like a puppet to deliver the tares, we got the sword till now because our ancestors weren't ready and rejected his teaching the first time but now the latter rains shall water the seeds Jesus left with Matthew :-)..They tried to discredit Matthews record by adding the Virgin birth but start with Jesus first word Repent, find the 10 commandments learn them let the spirit of conviction amplify your conscience and you will see what Jesus said, it is the narrow path that each must walk dropping your sins whatever they may be one at a time, first the ones you know next maybe ones you did not even realize but you must also fight use the strength Father gives you, it is a trial and you must prove your know what Jesus meant to be his disciples and when uou come through and the abomination of lawlessness disobedience is swept from your heart and the tablets, the 10 commandments are placed back into the ARK where they were always meant to be then you are a Child of your Father a true sibling of Jesus the first Son of Obedience you are truly a JeDi 🙂 a warrior of the light from our Heavenly Father and we can defeat the darkness and throw out the old Beast emperor Paul  and his minions of false light the wolves i  sheeps clothing who devour our brothers and sisters because this knowledge was hidden away from them and they were fed lies, the shepherds did not feed the sheep as they were supposed to they destroyed them instead and beat them and enslaved them because it seemed they thought they destroyed Jesus but remember 🙂 a 1000 years is like a day and Jesus said 3 days he would go around the earth, his teachings are here 2000 years later, so 2 days but he also said Father would cut the last day short for the benefit of the chosen or none would be left! Judgement could come tomorrow or 500 years from now it matters not Jesus said worry about today and as for food and clothing he said Father cares for the sparrows so how much more will he care for those who obey him and become his children 🙂 We may have to give up jobs and maybe even family but you need to remember that is why Jesus said to pray for our enemies and bless those who curse is because they may be those of you own family, his did not believe him either. We can only come to this truth through love, we must love our Father and want to serve him for there is no force in love and that is how we can see their fruits, you can look around you at church and see that no one has stopped sinning, inside your hearts you have always wondered why, you all came to believe but the wolves lied to you so your belief is like a tomb, you ask others if you can feel it and they say if you can't notice maybe you don't have it but that is because they do not know either, they never gave you any roots. Now the poor sheep are flocking to learn but are being lead into the ditch by their blind leaders or being herded into the ditch by the wolves who do know like the super rich wolves the mighty liars who rape widows and orphans of thrir inheritances and all their money! We had 1 teacher and he taught while he was here in the flesh our living brother who finished seeding the wheat before his murder and then the tares the poison was seeded the 2 choices life or death our choice, now you've been told 🙂 finally! 7 billion souls with us today or so we're told 6.5 billion more than ever before technology flooded out knowledge is spread man flies around the world! Time to make your eternal choice who will you follow Jesus a son of Obedience son of Father 🙂 or Paul's image of jesus god of death? Forgiveness has been preached by every prophet since the beginning and it has always been through accepting the covenant by Obedience to the 10 Commandments and love from a circumcised heart :-).

  5. IMO…a lot of people stopped talking about CERN because they were expecting another end of the world when they started colliding lead protons. Many don't follow the quakes that are increasing in frequency AND magnitude=strangelets?
    Check this out.

    I just found a pic of Hellery I saw on the idiot box today……

    Flat earth is a diversion. Stay the course. I don't care what people believe..been there, done that. Then I found the Truth in Christ. Stay bold. Much love.

  6. christ guys, learn about the science behind CERN before posting on something you obviously know nothing about, can anyone else say "Moronic drivel"….

  7. I agree that flat earth is to distract, but I am also sure that it is a psyop, too. Their arguments are all disingenuous. Be that as it may, I care about Cern, but, like most of Us… I have not a clue what I could do about it.

  8. On point Richie, I enjoyed your bug out bag vids too

  9. If FE is not important, why are so many people absolutely captivated by it?

  10. I believe there is only one CONSPIRACY: to make people stupid, and videos like this are proof that it is working.

  11. Our Earth is flat, space simply does not exist, gravity, big bang, satellites, evolutionism etc, etc…neither. ErikDubaY and MarkkSerpent expose it a sexy way by purpose. All the elites of the entire world knew the Earth was flat since always. WW1? WW2? Wars, chaos, madness, violence everywhere then? CERN is just another distractive topic. No one knows but we should fear GIANTS from another DIMENSION ??? Are you serious? That s insane.

  12. Elwood says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Richie!…….. thumbs up!

  13. MoriYah Zion says:

    CERN is fallen angel technology. They didn't think it up to execute it, the fallen angels gave them this technology and taught it to them.

  14. the truth shall set us free

  15. way to "keep your EYE on the ball"brother

  16. thanks for the vid.pert info.took me an hour,but i got a full page out of it.keep up the Great Work…

  17. You're good at this shit bro…keep on keepin' on ! Funny bastid. (Bohstin tock)…but accurate too ! Alberty Prick: " The Protocols of the Elders of Zion…1897.

  18. These main flat earth pushers all throwing signs etc, baphomets, pyramids, 666 oksymbol. I'm not sure whats real, or what shape earth is, just that we been lied to. Happy rabbitholing.

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