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In 1990, a gentleman named Steve Jackson commenced operating on a card activity which he would close up calling “INWO” or far better regarded as the “Illuminati: New Environment Buy” Sport, he fundamentally laid out the strategy the Illuminati has to deliver our entire world into their New Environment Buy, the strategy he told in the cards appeared to be so precise that he acquired a check out from the Mystery Provider, who attempted their best to shut him down and avoid him from publishing his activity, which finished up coming out in 1995.

Numerous of the situations confirmed in the cards have already been carried out by the Illuminati, nonetheless there are some which we are about to see occur in the next three many years or so, only Yahweh appreciates the place he acquired all the information from…

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Faces in The Smoke

There it is, some of the the ways the Illuminati has planned to occur to have command in excess of the entire world. As you could see, two of the cards ended up fairly crystal clear and fulfilled in 2001, the illuminati “terrorist” attack to the city of New York as perfectly as the Pentagon. It is also curious to see the shape of a demon fashioned by the smoke coming out of the Twin Towers powering the Empire Point out on the card of “Population Reduction” and how there are actual photographs of the smoke coming out of the towers the place you can obviously see the shape of some demon faces…

Facein Smoke WTC

Face in Smoke of World Trade CenterDemon in SmokeTwins Towers Smoke

CNN Face In Smoke WTC

Population Reduction

The “Reduction of Population” plan is a person that they have been carrying out for a very long time already and which they wrote as a person of their have commandments to continue to keep and even acquired to the extent of creating it in stone on what are termed “The Georgia Guidestones” the place it is penned their hope to continue to keep the population of the entire world underneath 500.000.000 people today which will not seem like a ton when you understand there are about 6,800.000.000 of us living appropriate now, this implies finding rid of 6.three hundred.000.000 human beings about 86%, which they have already commenced by making AIDS as perfectly as other viruses, hunger, war on terror, medication, genetically engineer food, and so forth, and so forth. Then there is “Mass Murder” to help that reduction, by way of lots of other ways like the already stated faux terrorist assaults, brain command in excess of a couple to murder the lots of to use as rituals of blood, like the Columbine Substantial College Massacre, supposedly dedicated only by Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold, utilized for its unique title, Columbine, that means Dove, term which they adore to use as signature ever due to the fact Illuminati was initiated in 1776 in Bavaria Columbia, England, when the headquarters for the New Environment Buy ended up being set up in Washington District of Columbia in the land “uncovered” by Columbus you get the plan.

The 4:twenty Poem

Eric Harris wrote or channeled an attention-grabbing poem with a ton of important traces, termed 4:twenty, that I would like to exhibit.

“420 – 420 is the working day 420 displays ’em all that I am not homosexual
420 – 420 is the date of my deed 420 will be what I will require
420 – 420 arrives from seed 420 is what I get in touch with weed
420 – 420 will place me in the mood 420 my life will be just like doom
420 – 420 will give me fantastic massive balls 420 will make we chortle when I stroll the halls
420 – 420 will be when I exhibit ’em all 420 will be their down slide
420 – 420 is the one hundred and tenth calendar year of the a person they all feared 420 is the one hundred and tenth working day and it attracts incredibly in the vicinity of
420 – 420 is three many years and 1 working day 420 is 6 many years and 1 working day
420 – 420 starts off a line that commenced with Woodham, and it is a incredibly easy riddle 420 ends the line on the way to Kringle, I am on the line in the middle
420 – 420 will link all the university shootings on the Line 420 will exhibit that the Line belongs to Sollog the Lord of upside down Nines
420 – 420 is chapter and verse in a e book that clarifies my Position incredibly perfectly 420 is verse and chapter about the beast from hell
420 – 420 they will want to place me in a cell 420 I will be sent back to hell

I would say the very first two traces could be take into consideration in two unique ways as Eric himself or the enemy conversing.

Daniel eleven:37

Neither shall he regard the Yahweh of his fathers, nor the want of ladies, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself higher than all.

Indicating spiritualy that he wont have any require or adore for a church, he wont care about murdering just about every a person of his followers just to get what he wants, he didnt care about bringing down a 3rd of the angels with him, he wont care about bringing humanity down with him either. The poem then goes on to communicate about a seed, like the seed of a males, that is what he phone calls weed not Hashish(Kane Bosm). It follows conversing about the working day preferred for the massacre as the great working day to place him in the mood, the identical working day would become his genuine doom sacrifices help to deliver spirits from other proportions into ours, there was a ritualistic line being form by diferent place in the map the place violent murder situations experienced occurred. It receives to say that it’s going to be the one hundred and tenth aniversary of the a person everyone fears a hundred and ten many years in advance of the April 20th of 1999 was specifically the date of beginning of Hitler, the a person they all dread. The ritualistic Line he stated to belong to Sollog the Lord of upside down Nines, that would be obviously 666’s.

There’s a incredibly attention-grabbing principle which I read through from a gentleman named Yahuwceph of the revived Roman Empire (New Environment Buy) arranging to clone Hitler and that being the rationale for them likely outrageous on the lookout for some of his DNA, Hitler stated some thing that goes incredibly perfectly with the principle, the peom and even a person of the card in the activity “The Spear of Future”.

“…Hitler was much more than a mere newbie initiate into the occult. He experienced actively sought and uncovered features of the mystery awareness of occultism and thereby became a working agent of Satan.
Just one working day Hitler went to the Treasure House [of the Hapsburgs in Vienna, Austria] to study the Spear of Longinus [the a person which pierced the side of Yâhuwshúa`]. Hour immediately after hour he gazed on the relic, as if in Transcendental Meditation. According to his have testimony he went into a trance:

“The air became stifling so that I could hardly breathe. The noisy scene of the Treasure House appeared to melt away in advance of my eyes. I stood by itself and trembling in advance of a hovering form of the Superman–a Spirit chic and fearful, a countenance intrepid and cruel [see Daniel 8:23-twenty five]. In holy awe, I presented my soul as a vessel of his Will.” [THE SPEAR OF Future, Trevor Ravenscroft,pg 38]
In advance of him stood a mighty spirit–the power powering the Spear. He gave himself that working day to the religious hierarchies of darkness. He yielded himself to become the vessel of the spirit of antichrist.”
[website page sixty five, Guardians of the Grail, by J.R.Church]

The Illuminati certainly wants to deliver that power back by way of the vessel Satan chose, that power to murder the Two Witnesses like the power the moment provided to it to eliminate Yahuwshua. The next line in the poem talks of a verse and a chapter that clarifies his Position, with uppercase as a personalized title should be penned, therefore on the lookout in the Scriptures for the e book of Position Chapter 4 verse twenty we find:

Position 4:twenty
Between early morning and evening they are destroyed without the need of anyone noticing it they perish eternally.

All those who lifted His title to falseness, they ended up the moment alive but by the evening they will destroyed, without the need of no Just one noticing it, due to the fact the very last possibility for the entire world to get salvation on earth will be in excess of at the death of the Two Witnesses as said in advance of. The remedy even though to the enemy who is on the lookout to have the power to occur and damage humanity is located some verses in advance of in the verse seven:

Position twenty:7
But he will perish eternally like his have dung people who have seen him will say, Where is he?

This is even regarded by the a person who encouraged the poem of Columbine 4:twenty when stating “they will want to place me in a cell 420 I will be sent back to hell”, then they will say the place is he?

Finding back on observe, the very first card confirmed on the video suggests “Put together Disasters” and the drawing of lots of people today jogging away from the Large Ben slipping this is some thing which lots of people today think could be a person of the next faux terrorist assaults to occur in London. The Financial institutions of the entire world are merging day to day, the chip or “mark of the beast” will be in just about every driver’s license by next calendar year in the United States to then go a person much more phase forward and get it as an implant in your hand.

Enhanced Driver's License

The Collapse of the Financial system

The merging is crystal clear in the financial state of the United States which belongs to the Federal Reserve in England and how is about to last but not least collapse the moment and for all simply just due to the fact that is what they are on the lookout for, like the card stated, the pyramid and the eye is bringing the market place down to then expose the American Union composed of Canada, The United States and Mexico, with a person frequent coin termed the Amero. The card “Unexpected emergency Powers” is what would occur next immediately after the collapse and the unification of this nations as a person, this is when they be expecting the citizens of the United States to start a civil war, seeking to get their very long back missing rights, being stopped by Martial Law, during which lots of people today are anticipated to die.

Fraternal Orders

The Illuminati has saved alone mystery for lots of many years, by making lots of unique mystery societies or as the card states “Fraternal Orders”, dividing alone in lots of, lots of unique orders by a wide range of names, like Skull and Bones,Knights of Malta, Rosicrucians , the Ordo Templi Orientis, Freemasons and lots of much more, by way of this smaller fraternities they command the bigger total of people today which is at the bottom of the pyramid, like Masons who keep on being in the very first three degrees. These people today have now occur to rule the entire world no matter whether people today understand it or not no matter whether you want to think or not and they have occur to reach this by way of the use income and also by outsourcing with entities of other proportions for information and power, this is demonstrated in the card “Foreign Support” conversing about the help they have acquired from these beings ever due to the fact 1953 and the president Eisenhower, making a increase in technology like prophecied in Daniel 12 verse 4:

Daniel 12:4

4 “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the e book until eventually the time of the close lots of shall run to and fro, and awareness shall boost.”

Lucifer is the “god” of this entire world, he has power in excess of this entire world due to the fact males decide on him, some by will some by ignorance, this is crystal clear when Yahuwshua was in the desert and was being tempted by Satan, He was presented ALL the kingdoms of the earth if he ended up to bow down to the Enemy.

Matthew 4:8-ten
8 Once more, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly higher mountain, and confirmed Him all the kingdoms of the entire world and their glory. 9 And he stated to Him, “All these issues I will give You if You will slide down and worship me.”
ten Then Yahuwshua stated to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is penned, ‘You shall worship Yahweh your Mighty Just one, and Him only you shall provide.'”

Bowing down is almost nothing review to all that the Illuminati has completed for this power in excess of the kingdoms of the earth, amongst people the sacrifice of millions of people today during the many years towards their god, Lucifer which is what they ended up executing with the destruction of the twin towers, the faces in the smoke are people of the demons that are coming by way of to our dimension with the power they are receiving from the sacrifice of the thousands of people today during the attack and the dread of the relaxation. This is the only rationale why the have power in excess of the kingdoms of the entire world, why they rule it, they have rewritten historical past in excess of the many years, like seen on a person of the cards, they have added all varieties of subliminal messages in every little thing they do, movies, cartoons, logos, is all in excess of advertising and marketing, all these has produced a entire world modern society of what the activity phone calls “Dittoheads”.

The Scripture suggests that the beast will be provided the power to deliver hearth form the sky like Eliyahuw did the moment.

2 Kings 1:ten
Eliyahuw answered the captain, “If I am a gentleman of Yahweh, may perhaps hearth occur down from heaven and consume you and your fifty males!” Then hearth fell from heaven and consumed the captain and his males.

Eliyahuw was proving that the Title that has power was Yahweh the title the Almighty gave to Moses and not the title of Ball.


Revelations thirteen is crystal clear about how the False Prophet will be provided the identical power at the close situations to fool the people today, producing hearth occur down form heaven in the title of Baal.

Revelation thirteen:thirteen

And he doeth fantastic wonders, so that he maketh hearth occur down from heaven on the earth in the sight of males,

Organic Disasters

They have been provided the power to result in “Organic Disasters” by receiving the awareness to make it occur form their overlords (demons) even result in “earthquakes” utilizing the H.A.A.R.P. technology which is seen in the cards also in the decreased left corner and it is also stated that can be use to scramble views and brain command due to the fact it will work in the identical frequency as the human brain.

2 Thessalonians 2:eleven-12

eleven And for this rationale Yahweh will ship them powerful delusion, that they should think the lie(Jesus),
12 that they all may perhaps be condemned who did not think the truth(Yahuwshua) but experienced satisfaction in unrighteousness.

At very last, you can see the card of how the Vatican has some form of Ability, what they will get in touch with “divine power” the Harlot according to the e book of Revelations, also like the e book states and it is also current in the cards, there will be a meteor hitting earth, which could be brought by World X or Nibiru approaching our earth.

Rapture & False Messiah

Theres a card about “The Rapture” which was not in the video and it is some thing that due to the fact of a improper doctrine people who do not have the title are expecting to occur any time shortly, seven many years in advance of the poor issues start out to occur, seems to be also component of the Illuminati’s strategy to counterfeit the rapture of the a hundred and forty four.000 to who appreciates how lots of “commit” Christians. The other card I did see in the video even though was “Create Messiah”, being that the “Antichrist” of training course, their creation, no matter whether it may perhaps be a hologram of just about every god of just about every religion of the entire world projected in the sky and giving its message by way of the stated H.A.A.R.P technology, in just about every unique language, deceiving the entire world, what the get in touch with the “Blue Beam Task” or also the creation of a clone (temple) which is an impression to be occupied by the spirit of the Enemy for him to declare to be god. At the close of their strategy when the “Tape Run Out” they be expecting to have the entire world underneath a person entire world religion, a person entire world bank, a person entire world army, underneath the eye of Lucifer.

I’m out, blessing ya’ll.

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