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“Killuminati” is a documentary about political issues, the search for truth, about 911, lying politicians, new world order, satanic government, ancient history …


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  1. ciro lucca says:

    Most People just dont wanna follow the Clues!

  2. Who's the guy speaking from 39mns…..balding grey hair and beard?? he is good!

  3. myron lee jr says:

    Don't us our shit against us, We read actual books

  4. stayl1971 says:

    Not sure if you were aware of it, but the second George Carlin clip has no audio (roughly 40:00).

  5. The most sick, and sad part when it comes to Bush making jokes about the WMDs that he knew wasn't there to be found is the fact that so many people laughed about it and applauded like fools, not seeing that it was all just a joke for Bush to think he could laugh away when it caused the lives of millions of innocent Irakies due to the war and a decade of sanctions.

  6. Ryu primeus says:

    Kind of makes you THINK does it ha that are own country is taking a BIG SHIT on all of us and to THINK its going to get much worse so in joy the life we have because soon its going to be like HELL.

  7. Joey Valo says:

    Jesus is the only Savior! Jesus is the Son of God! King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is coming back and he will stop this! Seek Him and turn to Him while you can before it's too late! Wake up! God Bless You All!

  8. beyond the conspiracy this is a great study in hypocrisy

  9. epicblazer says:

    Holy shizz Osama bin laden is still alive?!! O.O

  10. I wish people would open there eyes more and realize all these shootings going on in america are planned. There doing all these attacks to strike fear and terror in everyone to institutionalize a wide country ban on guns. So when something happens as in marshal law by the government, and you oppose, well you can't run or defend yourself. These same people tried their plans in germany an failed so there learning an improving. If you also think everythings fine god will stop them. NO GOD WILL STOP THEM. The only thing that can stop them is YOU ! The PEOPLE! But the lot of are so brainwashed by consumer sales, and celebrity ideology being crammed down your throats. Reading the dumbing down of america. Soon population will be reduced and then they have the perfect society in which they can control and big brother will be everywhere. EVEN WITHIN YOU!

  11. mark wirtz says:

    lou dobbs is not dead

  12. Strelok 762 says:

    This documentary is 90% truth 10% disinfo. Having Mark Dice in it,Showing the staged faked 9/11 films inside the building etc. (There were no planes on 9/11 by the way)

  13. Gio Swedo says:

    good video…..

  14. cathy laurel says:

    they got the eye of souron from lord of the rings

  15. Danny Bola says:

    everyone says the world will come to an end someday, rather calling it judgement day… i believe judgement day started from when each human being was born, its just in a different word. we were born to this wicked world so we just have to live with it. Adam and Eve made it happen this way. the world itself is ILLUMINATI… religion and gospel are just a disguise.
    So lets just live with it….. we all gonna die, but No one will see the end of the world coz it has no end….
    And again USA is the country with the most deadly secrets.
    The deaths of Abraham Lincoln, 2pac, michael jackson, whitney, martin luther king, BiG, John kennedy, are still questionable…. lets all be faced with the truth USA is a deadly country.

  16. shared on face book

  17. Bonita Bart says:

    this is truly eye opening .

  18. This was an awesome documentary and very well put together .. Hats off to you sir.

    Anyone checkout the zeitgeist doc. That is another gem.

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